If you are experiencing unexplained weight gain, you're not alone.

If you are dealing with poor digestive health, joint pain, brain fog and fatigue -- It's not all in your head.

If balancing medications and doctor visits feels overwhelming, join the club.

If you're looking to gain control over chronic illness that includes fatigue and inflammation, I've been there. 

If you're frustrated with your weight or current state of overall health, I can help with that.

Jack-up your immune system, lose ridiculous weight and gain ridiculous health TODAY! 

Let's talk priorities. Let's talk food. It heals.

Lose the weight, gain the health, bust through weight loss plateaus, eliminate food cravings, end brain fog, fatigue and inflammation, learn to manage stress and get better sleep starting NOW!


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Nancy Mure, Phd.., is a board Certified Holistic Nutrition and natural healing Consultant, Author, and A  Motivational EatER.


Sound like a dream? It's not. Regaining your health, taking off unwanted weight, being ridiculously nourished, vital, energetic and happy, is within your reach. The freedom from being overweight adn chronically ill can be yours, starting now!


One startlingly impressive thing about your amazing human body is that it is forgiving. By that I mean, your body has a wondrous way of healing. It also has a wondrous ability to adapt to whatever it has been exposed to (i.e., poor diet, stress, viruses, environment, pesticides, heavy metals, radiation, pollution, etc). The downside (or upside) of this is that your state of health at this very moment is indicative of whether or not your body has worked with or against your lifestyle up until this point. Generally, if you're feeling sluggish or ill in anyway, it's a pretty good bet your body has been working against it's environment and diet and your health is in need of a do-over.

Funny, we don't get many do-overs in life. But your amazing body will surely allow a do-over because it only wants to be in a state of health. Your body loves you. This is what it lives for and breathes for -- to serve you and to maintain your health.


Your body, at this very moment, is your truest friend. If you stop and think about it, your body is either working with or against the breakfast you ate this morning.

To illustrate, either your body is working with the fruit plate you ate, or its working against the bacon, eggs, waffle or bagel. You body is either working with the fiber from your nourishing fruit meal, effectively dispersing all it's vitamin and minerals though out your body, or it's working against the processed energy bar or the fibrous bran muffin you grabbed on the go.

Perhaps your body is it working with your fruit meal in providing swift and efficient elimination, or it's working against your coffee by irritating your intestinal tract and producing that same effect. But it's not just about the harmful effects of your breakfast -- poor food choices just highlight a bigger issue -- America hasn't been properly educated in how to eat to promote true health.

In case you haven't realized it, we have a malnourishment problem in the United States and it's worsening. What's more, it's happening right under your very nose. You have likely been eating foods with ingredients that have not been disclosed to you by food companies. As a result your health has been declining. This is thanks in part to a Standard American Diet high in fast, and processed foods, animal protein, as well as a product of reckless dieting advice, poor nutritional advice, food addiction and plain o'l bad eating habits. 


Let's look at some statistics: at least 70 percent of Americans are medicated for one ailment or another, and more than two thirds of Americans -- 68.8 percent, are obese. This means almost just as many Americans who are medicated are obese! Not surprisingly, obesity has become the leading cause of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, chronic illness and cancer in the United States. While obesity is officially recognized as a disease in itself - it's one that costs more in healthcare and medications than smoking! 

The thing is, we're spending more money on so-called healthcare, while we're growing sicker at alarming rates and the big kicker is this; we're living longer sicker, thanks to modern medicine.

There's something wrong with this picture!

What's driving Americans toward illness is malnourishment. You may be asking "How, in this great country of plenty, can we be malnourished? The answer isn't an easy one. Our bodies are starving on levels we're only now beginning to recognize. Lack of the correct nutrients is what's driving Americans into the doctor's office to sit and wait, (sometimes for hours) for no more that five minutes of a practitioners time, and a prescription or two or three... 

  • Poor diet = stress
  • Stress = illness
  • lllness = waiting in a doctors office not feeling heard and understood = stress
  • Medication(s) = further stress

Is waiting in your doctors office how you want to spend your valuable time?

Noooooo. You want a life of freedom. You want to live free of medication. You want to walk without a cane. You want your asthma and allergies and joint pain to disappear. You want to walk away from that wheelchair or walker. You want to take your health back today! 


American culture has sold its soul to "wanting it now." Fast and processed foods, high-protein meals, artificial sweeteners, uncontrolled intake of soda, refined sugars, GMOs, hidden MSG, chemicals, food colorings and additives have taken down your health in one fell swoop. These very conveniences have become your greatest inconveniences, as well as a threat to your health and well being. 


Understand this: more than 70% of your immune system is harbored in two key places: your small intestine and your liver. When diet is incorrect, a series of symptoms may occur; poor gut health, indigestion, insomnia, low energy, bloating, unexplained weight gain, fatty liver, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 

Today more and more people are seeking answers for their digestive upset, lack of sleep, poor gut health and overall feelings of malaise. As they seek nutritional guidance to gain control over their health, the misinformation they receive is astounding. For example, they're being told that:

  • Eating oatmeal will lower their cholesterol.
  • Fruits have too much sugar.
  • Eating a high protein diet is healthy.
  • Eating more fat is good for the brain.
  • Drinking 8-10 glasses of water everyday helps them to lose weight.
  • Eating before a workout is recommended.
  • Cruciferous vegetables are harmful to the thyroid.
  • Yogurt is essential for probiotics.
  • Autoimmunity is your body attacking itself.

Their heads are spinning with misinformation...

The above recommendations are nothing more than so-called "health" trends and fads that have done more harm than good. Instead of jumping on every trend, we hear, we need to get back to basics. That's where Nature steps in.

Here's the one secret no one tells you -- Nature knows something you don't -- that your health is largely dependent on five priorities. These priorities are adequate rest, lower stress, nutrition, sun exposure and exercise. Nature is so cool in fact, that she has provided a bountiful, colorful, delicious and vast menu that works with your body, not against it. These vast choices keep you living ridiculously well and happy under her care!

Nature's foods exist to nurture, nourish and heal your sluggish liver, repopulate your unbalanced gut, and give you back your energy and vitality. An added bonus is losing ridiculous weight.

Now that's something worth getting excited about! 

Have a look at the word "health." "Health" is derived from the word "heal." To have health means to having the ability to heal. You can heal! The one way to heal, is to be nourished. 


Understand that YOU are capable of achieving wonderful things! YOU have the power to prevent disease, cancer and reverse disease. YOU have the power to be ridiculously healthy!

Yes, You!

If you're dealing with fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, jaw pain, brain fog, weight gain, bloating, gastritis, inflammation, and just basically feeling crappy -- you don't have to experience that anymore. You can discover what's at the root of your symptoms, you can take of that unwanted weight and you can start healing now! 


If you're already on a commercial diet plan such as Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, South Beach, Atkins, Paleo or SlimFast and you're not weight loss results, consider picking up my book EAT! -- Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight.  My three-step method to gaining ridiculous health will help you make better food choices on ANY diet plan, and will guide you toward a whole foods habit that not only aids in better digestion, but improves liver function, helping you to bust through any weight loss plateau and allowing you to let go of that unwanted weight!


Whether you're looking to reach your natural weight, eliminate sugar cravings, reduce stress, increase energy, or experience more restful sleep, EAT! will empower you to develop a deeper understanding of how your body works and what it needs to get the job done. You'll learn to:

  • Listen to your body and mind
  • Correct and prevent vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Reach and maintain your natural weight
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Improve your mental clarity and mood
  • Prevent/reverse illness and disease
  • Discover the benefits of eating a S.O.U.L. Diet (Seasonal, Organic, Unprocessed, and Local)
  • Eat foods that encourage healing
  • Learn about foods that impede healing
  • Practice proper food combining to improve digestion and elimination
  • Gain an understanding of how stress negatively affects your health
  • Make easy uncomplicated recommendations for dietary change
  • Empower yourself in every aspect of your life

And so much more... 

Learn what foods work with your body, not against it. You'll come to understand;

  • Which fast foods you can eat, that slim you down naturally, while maintaining your health.
  • Which foods to stock in your pantry.
  • The importance of improving gut your health NOW!
  • To nourish your body, not demolish it.
  • What foods combine best for efficient digestion and absorption so that you're feeling stellar in no time!

The goal is ridiculous, happy, vibrant health!  EAT! with me and find out the secret to vitality TODAY!


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