Nancy S. Mure PhD., C.H.N.P., C.N.H.P.

Nancy S. Mure PhD., C.H.N.P., C.N.H.P.

Like you, I woke up everyday looking for a new beginning, but something always got in the way: marriage, caring for ill and elder family members, raising children, work, school, projects, grieving, even unexpected home repairs. The details of everyday life kept me overwhelmed, stressed out and unable to make myself a priority. As a result, I was eating poorly, felt burned out, fatigued, easily rattled and was surprised to need one or more naps each day just to get through the week.

"Is this how it feels to age?" I would ask myself.  

It felt like my spark had died out. Deflated and sluggish, achy and foggy, I wanted more than anything to get my health back.

What helped is that I understood this one basic truth: nothing would change unless I made a change. 

So, I made a radical decision.

I decided to make take some loses and make some gains. I choose to take a good honest look at my lifestyle and how it was affecting me, adjust it and work to regain my health day by day. I vowed (to myself) that I would make every day count, and low and behold, over time I overcame the same chronic conditions that plague 23 million Americans who have been diagnosed with autoimmune disease today and I healed. 

Today, I have liberated from medications that have kept me down for more than eighteen years just by improving my nutritional health naturally, and I would love to share my method with you!

Board certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, I am an authority on natural healing and weight loss with a nutritional benefit. I am also the author of the most empowering weight loss/nutrition book of its kind, EAT! -- Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight. 

I pride myself on being a trained cook and am fortunate enough to have studied my craft in Sicily Italy, but due to making healing a priority I have decided to trade in the stress of kitchen for sunshine and green smoothies.

At first leaving my love of unhealthy foods behind wasn't easy, but today I feel proud that I swapped out Theory of Cooking Techniques, for the study of Holistic Dietary Theories, Practical Lifestyle Management Techniques, and Innovative Coaching Methods from some of the world’s most traditional health and wellness experts of our time.

My health and wellness teachings are rooted in the discipline of Natural Hygiene, and include the conventional wisdom of the timeless, and legendary works of Dr. Herbert Shelton M.D., Dr. Issac Jennings, Dr. Sylvester Graham, and the cutting-edge works and theories of David R Hawkins, M.D., PhD, Norman Cousins, Dr. Daniel Amen, and many other leading researchers and authorities on natural approaches.

I'm happy to say my education has equipped me with an expansive knowledge of holistic nutrition and natural healing as they pertain to preventive health and slow gradual healing and behavior modification.

Drawing on my skills and knowledge of the dietary theories of the acid/alkaline diet and proper food combining, I write about lifestyle changes that produce real and lasting results by restoring energy, balance, health and vitality safely and naturally. I also like to keep life positive, as this promotes healing and an ongoing feeling of wellness.

Regaining and maintaining my own health has been ongoing, so know that I remain on this journey with you and I'm here for you.

Are you ready to gain some ridiculous health?

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