The Top 3 Pieces of Kitchen Equipment for Healthy Living

There's kitchen appliances and then there's kitchen equipment:  The stuff you invest in. 

I always tend to go with investments. You see, I'd rather pay for one good piece of equipment instead of having to buy a replacement every year, but that's just me. Also once I spend the money,  I'm committed. I'm in for the long haul!

Most people don't realize an investment in kitchen equipment goes way beyond the commitment to get healthy. It makes life easier. It makes taking in nutrients more efficient, and helps you lose unwanted pounds in record time. 

Bottom line is, you want tools, especially if you want some measure of control over what goes into your smoothie.

What's that you said?  It's easier to buy your green smoothies ? Not so fast. You don't know what's in that smoothie. Is it GMO? Were the fruits and vegetables washed? Are they fresh? When you buy a smoothie at a juice bar, you never truly know. 

Take control over what goes into your body. Equip yourself with durable and easy to clean appliances that are fun and easy to use. Here are my top three picks. I own them. I use them and I highly recommend them. In the long run they will save you lots of money.

1. High-speed Blender.  High-speed blenders are tough to live without these days. They make soup, they make smoothies, they make dressings, they make ice cream and they make life easier. It's hard to go without a high-speed blender once you've had one. The most durable high-speed blenders are made by Vitamix and Blendtec. That being said, NutriBullet makes a good blender for a much lower cost. My own high-speed blender is refurbished and fully guaranteed by Vitamix and I've had zero problems with it.
2. Juicer:  A juicer works very differently than a high-speed blender in terms of how fast you can take in your nutrients. Juicing on the whole, is a far more efficient process than having a smoothie. When you juice two things happen: The first is, you receive your nutrients quicker. Secondly, you absorb your nutrients more efficiently. You want that. As far as clean up goes, most juicers have parts that go right into the dishwasher. 
3. Water distiller - Distilling water is perhaps the best and only way to get your water one hundred percent pure. If your town has water that contains fluoride, your neighbors medication and other harmful toxins you want to own a countertop distiller. A countertop distiller is easy to use and saves lots of money. Also the water is guaranteed to be pure!

Getting equipped for your health doesn't just involve physical tools, It involves emotional tools -- power tools: grit. gumption, and of course lot of wanna! These, combined with good equipment are what's going to get you to the finish line (and past a sugar craving). Improve your life, improve your health. Take a whole foods approach to your health. Get equipped and watch your health and energy soar!

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