Are You Still Eating The White Death?

There is a trifecta of white foods known as The White Death.  They are a team that work together every day to ruin your health.  

These are Sugar, Salt and Flour.  

Sugar, Salt and Flour are in all the processed and baked foods you eat.  They trick the palate into making you eat more.  They leave you bloated and are the probable cause for many of the things that ail you.  Sugar, Salt and Flour have very distinct personalities and reactions in the body.  Sugar is addictive, Salt is an irritant and Flour, for many impedes digestion. 

Using anthropomorphism, lets discuss the unique personality traits of Sugar, Salt and Flour;

Sugar is a sweet seductress.  Sugar is so sweet and tricky that you never see her coming.  She is smooth and sometimes sticky.  She is addicting. She will lure you then trick you into wanting more of her.  So much so that you can't get enough.  Sugar will train your taste buds so that the only thing you'll want is her. She'll have you thinking about her day and night.  

Sugar will make you so feel so comfortable, that you'll let yourself go, you'll gain weight and you'll crave her.  And just when you're at your worst, feeling needy in the relationship, you'll experience your first symptom of disease.  When you're at your weakest, Sugar will smirk and taunt you to want more of her until she's feeding the cancer growing inside of you.  

Salt  is a sneaky little fellow and he always likes a free ride.  Salt knows that he isn't needed at all by the human body yet he's in all of your foods waiting to retard the palate.  Salt likes to be in the center of things. 

Salt likes rejection. He knows when you ingest him, he's going to pass right through you.   He also knows he can make you hold water on his way out.  He thinks this is funny.  

Salt has ulterior motives.  He wants to make you fat.  He revels in it.  Salt enhances your foods and makes them irresistible to your palate so that you want more of them.  Then just for kicks, he makes you thirsty.  Salt says 'Eat More, Drink More, then raises your blood pressure until you pop like a balloon.

Flour is psychopathic in nature.  He's sneaky and hides in many of the processed foods you love.   He doesn't care if he harms the body, it's nothing personal.  A bit temperamental, Mr. Flour is always looking for a fight.  He's ready to go up against your digestive tract with his protein pals gliadin and gluten.  His intent?  To inflame the gut and cause it to leak so that protein particles escape into the body undigested.  He knows this is poison to you.  To him, it's like pushing a fire alarm and running.  Flour knows your body's immune response will rush in to stop the protein from poisoning you.  

Flour packs light and he gets a thrill out of not getting caught.  He knows when he gets into the gut he's going to be there for a while. Flour knows as long as he's creating leaky gut the can't absorb nutrients. He knows you can't digest him, yet he partners up with sugar and salt to get into your body and via processed foods, to make some noise.  Gas, belching, stomach pains, Crohns and Colitis and Colon Cancer are music to him.  

Together they call themselves The White Death -- Crusaders of illness and disease and they're coming to a processed food near you.

Sugar, Salt, Flour are all habits that don't help the body to thrive.  Since our habits lead to our diseases, the fix would be to ditch processed foods, avoid Sugar, Salt and Flour and adopt a Whole Foods Habit.  By adopting a Whole Foods Habit, you'll be taking in nutrients that work with your body not against it and you'll be well on your way to achieving Stellar Health!

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