Talk Dirty and Eat Clean with Thug Kitchen!!

So there's this cookbook of plant-based recipes that's getting major attention for it's attempt to bring veganism mainstream.  You may have heard about it by now, it's called the Thug Kitchen Cookbook and it's really pissing people off.   Not since Skinny Bitch has a book made so much waves with it's vulgarity.  

Written by two really white people, the book, uses ghetto slang to highlight the importance of plant-based foods - and it's kind of effective.

The idea behind the book is that it's so THUG to eat plant-based and be healthy. The authors actually verbally abuse readers into eating their veggies. 

Twitter is showing mixed reviews.  Some people, like see the humor in the book.  Others see it as obvious racism.   Here's the trailer.  You decide.

I find the recipes quite easy and the language is harsh but the book is very entertaining. The message is talk dirty and eat clean.  Ok whatever... who hasn't dropped a few f-bombs in their life?  Get over it. If don't like the language you'll love the recipes! My favorite recipe is the Lemony Red Lentil Soup.  

Maybe the Thug Kitchen Cookbook is just what America needs to come away from the Standard American Diet. Will Thug Kitchen be hit?  Time will tell. As a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Healing Practitioner,  I know I plan to offer Thug Kitchen my clients.   Humor is never a bad way begin a Whole Foods Habit.  

Happy Cooking!


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