Here's Why You Want Fever

No one likes fevers. And while fevers are a sign of illness, they're really an indication that something is going right according to a study published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology and actually increases immune defense.

Fevers are protective

Having a fever means the body is fighting against an invader. That invader could be an infection or virus. THIS IS A GOOD THING, since your body is actually showing its strength. The higher your fever, the healthier and more vital you actually are! 

Fever is Vital Action

Fever is the vital powers of the body protecting the organs. That means, when there is fever, your body is at battle.Researchers from Roswell Park Cancer Institute found that a higher body temperature helps the immune systems to work better and harder against infected cells.

Ever notice how babies run higher fevers than adults? This is because a child's immune system is vital and works harder against disease. This vital action is the body working its way back to health. The greater the reactive power of the body. the higher the body's temperature is likely to rise. Therefore, it's always important to remember high fever as a sign of vitality, not weakness.

Illness Without Fever May Be A Cause For Worry

Generally, there should be more worry when there's illness without fever, which is an indication that the patient is less vital, the organs are not protected and the disease is potentially more serious. Think cancer. This is why hyperthermia, or raising the the body's temperature to mimic a fever is a useful treatment of some cancers according to

You Don't Want To Stop Fever

If you or your child gets a fever, ride it out. Medicating a fever with Tylenol and Motrin only serves to block an important healing process, which halts healing in its tracks. In fact, over-the-counter medications will often extend illness, while a short fast of liquids only, coupled with complete rest does the job of speeding up healing. Bottom line is, you want fever! Fever means healing is happening, and many who go through a fever naturally, versus blocking it, often come out with improved health afterward.

Here are some easy ways to get through a fever naturally:

  1. Stay home when you're sick - Whatever it is that you think is more important than your health can wait for a day or two. Going to work or school with a fever further taxes the body and the an already weakened immune system. It also puts others at risk for getting sick.  Don't do it.
  2. Fast - It is useless to eat when there's fever because fever causes digestion to stop. That means, whatever you do try to eat will sit like lead until the stomach is ready to digest it. Some vomit when they have a  fever. This is most likely why.  
  3. Drink water for as long as the fever lasts.  If you feel you need something more, fresh juices, clear broth and herbal teas are a nourishing choice.
  4. Rest, fresh air, warm feet.  Get into bed, with warm blanket and open a window. The best thing you can do for fever is to rest with the freshest air possible, the cleanest sheets possible and the comfort of a good blanket.
  5. Silence - Not only does your body need full physical and physiological rest in order to heal, it also requires silence during this time. Stimulation of any kind is enervating to a sick body and this slows down the process of healing.
  6. Comfort - Clean bedding, a cool alcohol rub, a tepid bath or cool rags on the forehead are more traditional and natural ways to bring down fever.  Avoid vapor rubs, as these are enervating.

Knowing what to do when fever strikes is essential to helping the body get where it wants to go --- back to health! 

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