Get A Hobby! They're Healthy!

Has anyone ever told you to get a hobby?  Turns out they were giving you some good advice! Hobbies are healthy, they spark creativity and make us more likely to be helpful in problem solving.

A study done on hobbies shows that people who report engaging in a hobby are also more likely to come up with creative solutions to problems at work. What’s more, those who paint, garden, crochet, or engage in other creative pastimes are more likely to help colleagues, research shows. (

The entire business of having a hobby is subjective and creative, even choosing it. When you take on a hobby it's usually through organic selection, meaning it's something you seek out to do on your own, on your time. What makes hobbies such a positive experience is that they're usually fun and you're not limited to one!

"If you're bored it's your own fault."

There's this saying about boredom: "Idol hands are the devil's workshop." Boredom usually equals getting into trouble. Hobbies help avoid boredom. When we're bored or under-stimulated, we tend to use that extra energy in destructive ways. Sometimes that involves overeating, which makes getting a hobby, or five, really good for your waistline!

Whether hobbies are born of boredom or curiosity, they're the number one way to de-stress because hobbies involve an outlet for creativity, usually an activity we enjoy. Some hobbies even lead to very promising careers. Don't believe me? See Forbes list of Entrepreneurs who turned their hobbies into multi-million dollar careers. 

Photography is one of the greatest hobbies of all time. Taking photos, sharing them online, getting positive feedback is an all around rewarding experience. What's cool about photography is that many great pieces of photography are tied in with a travel, adventure and exploration hobbies. Here's an example of a personal friend who turned his exploration hobby into a promising photography career. 

When it comes to hobbies we can wear many hats. To illustrated, I keep goldfish, I cook and I enjoy writing. My latest release EAT! -- Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight came out last December. However, before I become a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition and Natural Healing Practitioner, I wrote for my own children and had the stories published. When I began the hobby of writing stories I was all consumed. My mind was happily occupied on developing characters and writing plots. From there I became focused on getting published. That's what hobbies do for us -- they help us to change the channel -- destress, distract us from fixated thoughts and help us to escape our problems temporarily. As a bonus is they make us feel productive and rewarded!

Hobbies are meant to be shared. One christmas, I was so budgeted that I tapped into my crocheting hobby to make scarfs as gifts. The scarves were so well received and appreciated and that made me feel proud. In the same way when my books were published and released to the world I was on cloud nine! 

So, go ahead, get yourself feeling good with your own hobby/ies. A good way to begin is with your own thoughts. What excites you?  Is it telling stories, taking photos, drawing,  making scarfs?  What is it that lights your fire? Pursue it and feel rewarded! Hobby's are good for your health!

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