The Case Against Condiments


I know a man who believes he's mindful of his diet, especially when he dines out. He'll order an egg white omelet for breakfast for example, then douse the entire thing in ketchup. When he's not using ketchup on his food, he's using soy sauce or barbecue sauce or some other condiment to jack-up his meals, then wonders why his weight hasn't budged in two years.

Condiments are that sneaky little side-food that enhances the foods you eat. Most times, you may think condiments are harmless because they're used in small quantities, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Condiments can derail your health and weight-loss efforts by making you eat more!

Ketchup Has More Sugar Than It Does Tomatoes

An example of an unhealthy condiment would be ketchup -- the so-called king of condiments. Ketchup appears to be an innocuous topping to a burger, and by all accounts it should be healthy since it's made from tomatoes. Right? 

Wrong. Tomatoes aren't even the first ingredient in Ketchup. The highest amount of any ingredient in ketchup is High Fructose Corn Syrup, which has been shown in a recent Princeton study to cause weight gain in rats.

So yeah, ketchup may be the go-to topping for fast food, chicken, burgers, hot dogs, steak and there are some folks who believe it has enough tomatoes in it to qualify it as a sauce for pasta, but it's not harmless. Ketchup undermines diet efforts in a big way, Its perfect balance of salty and sweet cover up the taste of your food by sabotaging your palate.

You've Been Hijacked!

Palate sabotage occurs when ingredients like salt and sugar in unhealthy condiments stimulate the palate, creating the desire for another bite, until you have eaten way beyond your capacity. Food companies know this, and create unhealthy condiments like ketchup purposely, to cause a delay in the cue that lets you know when to stop eating. 

Because of an unhealthy condiments big power to tantalize your palate and in effect, hijack it, condiments can be considered the most dangerous of foodstuffs when it comes to your health and weight. Additionally, unhealthy condiments are made with colorings, additives and GMOs, and canola oil, making them a both a digestive nightmare, as well as a trigger food for those with allergies and underlying viral conditions.

10 Legitimate Reasons Not To Use Condiments:

  • Condiments induce overeating. 
  • Condiments possess little or no food value.
  • Condiments blunt the taste buds to the real taste of food.
  • Condiments overstimulate and weaken the glands in mouth, stomach and intestine.
  • Condiments irritate the lining membranes of the alimentary canal, causing these to thicken, toughen and harden impairing function. (Dr. Herbert Shelton, Human life, Its Philosophy and Laws)
  • Condiments create a false desire for food.
  • Condiments create false thirst.
  • Condiments slow/disrupt digestion.
  • Condiments hijack your palate.
  • Condiments make inhibit weight loss efforts.

Unmask Your Food. It'll Help Your Digestion.

When foods are masked by salt, pepper, mustard, horse radish, vinegar, soy sauce, barbecue, steak sauce, dressings, sugar, etc., the body becomes unable to adapt its digestive juices to the food that is eaten.  As a consequence, your digestion suffers. 

When your digestion suffers, you suffer. Indigestion is the number one cause of discomfort, insomnia, teeth grinding and clenching in young children and adults. Don't let condiments be the reason your kids eat a food they wouldn't ordinarily eat.  When you put ketchup or mustard on a hot dog it only disguises taste and confuses your instinct to avoid it. 

You Can Take Your Tastebuds Back

Cravings for condiments can be easily overcome. The best way to do this is cold turkey. By abstaining from using unhealthy condiments you are re-training your taste buds to return to normal. This will take time, but once your sense of taste returns, it will be possible to detect the delicate flavors in your food again. Because your palate is no longer being over-tantalized or stimulated, you will feel fuller sooner and in effect, you will eat less. 

All in all, the way to improve your diet is to avoid condiments. Understand the importance of being able to taste your food. Appreciate the real flavor of what you're eating, so your palate is not mislead by the stimulating effects of corn syrup, sugar, msg or other flavor enhancers.  Live and eat authentically, trust your palate and you'll never be misled by unhealthy condiments again.

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