Proper Meal Portions For Stellar Health


Listen up middle-agers! According to a study done by the University of Southern California, “People who eat diets high in animal protein carry similar cancer risk to those who smoke 20 cigarettes a day." This result is likely due to a depletion of alkaline reserves in the body.

Arguably, a diet high in animal protein stresses the digestive tract due to long transit times -- the time it takes for food to digest. Overworking the organs depletes the body of much need nerve energy essential for cell replacement and repair.

Additionally, Harvard Medical School studied the dietary habits of 120,000 people over 30 years. Researchers concluded eating red meat increases incidences of cancer, heart disease and mortality.

In the popular choosemyplate campaign the recommendation is eating more fruits and vegetables. However, their dietary recommendations are not nearly enough to maintain good health. The government recommendation of 50% fruits and vegetables, 30% grains, 20% protein, and a side of milk, is far from the proper diet needed for proper digestion and good health. 

One main reason for this is that milk is not a beverage -- it's classified as a food. According to the rules of proper food combining, milk should never be taken with a meal. Secondly, the choosemyplate pie chart recommendations double the amount of protein necessary for human digestion, including high amounts of grains no doubt, to give props to industries that make the government tons of money.

Be mindful that the two most important things nutritionally necessary for stellar health are:
1) Efficient digestion and elimination.
2) Eating a diet of 80% fruits and vegetables, 10% plant-based protein and 10% grains.

Fruits and vegetables are the fastest foods on earth! There are no foods more convenient and there are no foods more nutritious.  Reducing your amount of animal protein and grains and enjoying more vegetables and fruit -- up to 80%-- will help you to change the alkalinity balance of your dietary intake. This assures the alkaline/acid levels in the bloodstream are balanced and there's ample alkaline reserve, which results in keeping the body free of disease.

While higher protein diets are ideal for growing children, and the elderly, they are not sufficient for the middle-aged adult. Diet hight in protein are for building, not for maintaining health. Further, high protein diets are acidic leaving your body with no other choice but to leach nutrients from the bones over time. This results in bone degeneration and overall poor health.

When filling your plate, keep vegetables and fruit portions high, get most of your protein from plant based sources, like nuts, beans and seeds and remember: disease cannot grow in a body that has sufficient alkaline reserves.