That Banana .... You're Eating it Wrong

There's a time and place to eat a banana. You'd never know it, but it's true. The fruit that's yellow and happily smiles at you when you hold it sideways is a little high maintenance when it comes to your digestion. This is because the body sees the banana in two ways -- as either a starch or a sugar, all depending on when you eat it.

To clarify, when you eat a banana that is perfectly yellow and firm, without spots you are eating starch. Starch is binding, which feeds the myth that bananas are binding. But because the human body has no use for starch, it converts that firm and yellow unripened banana to sugar, adding an extra step to the digestive process.

However, when you eat a banana that's spotted and ripened, it is, for lack of a better word, body-ready, and doesn't need to convert to sugar.

Some believe bananas make weight loss impossible, because they are high in sugar. This is another myth. Bananas aren't all sugar. In fact, they're a powerhouse of nutrition. One medium banana packs a punch of 5% protein, 23% Potassium, 15% Magnesium, 30% Manganese, plus selenium and iron. Bananas are also high in vitamins C, A, K,  B-6, and folate.  

The most important factor in eating a banana is the time of day that it's eaten. This is essential to how the sugar will be used. A banana, like all fruit is best eaten for the morning meal. The banana can be eaten alone (preferred) or properly combined with other sweet fruits like apple or grapes for a good source of fiber and efficient digestion. Because a banana contains protein (medium, 1.3 g) it may take approximately one hour to digest, as opposed to an orange which fully digests in 30 minutes.

That being said, ripened bananas, like all fruit, digest rather quickly aiding in efficient digestion and elimination. Additionally, then fruit's fructose, and ultimately the converted glucose, together with the fruit's high nutritional content, will be well used by the body as nourishment and energy throughout the day. Feel free to enjoy ripened bananas liberally in smoothies, as a quick on-the-go meal or even as ice cream. 

 Banana myth debunked!  Enjoy your banana!