How to Feed Your Kids If You Choose Not To Vaccinate

With all the controversy surrounding vaccine safety, you might be hesitant to vaccinate your kids. The big concern is side effects, contraindications, heavy metal toxicity, autism, and DNA contamination. You may find yourself scrambling for ways around having to inject these toxins into your children and may be seeking exemptions, hoping to opt-out of burdening your baby's immune system until vaccines are safer. For now, in many states, you are well within your rights to do so.

However, just because you have chosen not to vaccinate your child doesn't mean you're not taxing their immune system in other ways. As a watchful parent who chooses health over vaccination/medication, it is essential to remain mindful lifestyle choices. Your lifestyle choices are a major factor in the health of your family. Choosing not vaccinate your children may lead you to the false belief that your children are healthier for it. While on many levels that may be true, as the designated leader of your family, you'll need to step-up your nutrition game to maintain your children's good health by nourishing their immune system against disease.

Vaccines Are Big Business

Despite vaccine controversy, the booming business of vaccines is soon to become an even bigger source of profits for pharmaceutical companies around the globe. A press release (Business Wire, January, 2016) published by says that Technavio, one of the leading technology research and advisory companies in the world predicts that pharmaceutical corporations who produce vaccines will reach an booming $61 billion in profits by 2020.

Although vaccinations themselves are big business, their trickle-down affect generates even more business from injuries and side-effects. Therefore, if you make the choice against vaccinating your children, you'll need to take some simple and effective dietary measures to secure their health. One surefire way to get this done is to rely on nature. That being said, if you want nature to have your back against disease, you have to learn to live in accordance with her laws.

Your Children Inherit Your Nutrition And Your Constitution Of Health

Similar to disease, your children inherit your nutrition and your constitution of health, which means a child born to a parent who is nutritionally deficient is also likely to have deficiencies. A parent who is breastfeeding needs to ensure that she is well nourished in order to supply her child with the highest quality milk. Working with a nutrition practitioner is a great idea during this time. Deficiencies can be reversed with proper nourishment, and it is incumbent upon you, the parent, to accept this awesome responsibility should you decide not to vaccinate your child(ren).

Children who are deficient are likely: 

  • Not fed enough fruit daily or fresh juices daily
  • Not fed enough fresh vegetables daily
  • Have been raised on baby formula
  • Fed processed foods
  • Fed fast foods
  • Fed cow's milk
  • Spending long periods of time indoors
  • Largely Inactive
  • Lack sufficient sunlight

Your Child's Health Is Based on Five Priorities

As a parent who refuses to vaccinate, you'll want to instill the five priorities of stellar health into your children's lives and ensure that your children:

  1. Are properly nourished
  2. Get adequate exercise
  3. Get adequate rest
  4. Are happy and unstressed both emotionally, and physiologically
  5. Are exposed to sunlight daily

Health is simple. Illness is complicated.

Being born healthy and thriving involves very little work. To maintaining this state of health is also surprisingly simple when the proper diet and lifestyle choices are made. In contrast, correcting a state of illness by over-medicating, making numerous doctor and pharmacy visits and managing complications, can become extremely draining and overwhelming.That being said, here are some easy ways to keep your child's immune system strong and thriving!

  • Allow your kids to play in the dirt! Take a lesson from the bestseller, Let Them Eat Dirt. Forgo the probiotic supplements and encourage your child to play outside! Not only is the sun vital to your babies growth and bone development, getting dirty is an excellent nature-proven way to acquire beneficial gut bacteria. This, as well as eating the freshest food possible (ideally farm raised or picked from your own garden) are terrific ways to build up and protect precious microbiome in the gut, while securing your child's health. So give your kids a shovel and pail, get them excited about digging, planting, or let them hug your pet after he's rolled around in the yard. Don't fear dirt.
  • Eat fruit, and more fruit - There's a reason your children are the 'fruit of your loin.' Fruit has everything to do with your reproductive health and your children's continuing health. Fruit also strengthens and maintains your child's overall and reproductive health. Without the carbohydrates, natural sugars. trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, phyto-chemicals and fiber in fruits, you will see more slower brain muscle and development, digestive illness, less vitality and a lower ability to concentrate in your children. That being said, if you're a fan of fast foods, eat more fruit. Fruit is the fastest food on earth, requiring no prep or cooking. Fruit is sweet, has the natural sugar to fuel muscles and the brain, is readily available and generally, kids love it. Feed your un-vaxxed children plenty of fruit to stave off disease, secure their growth, vitality and guaranteed good health.
  • Avoid refined sugar. While we all know there's no health benefit to refined sugar, an undisputed study in the Journal of American Clinical Nutrition has proven that refined sugar is, in fact, a depressant of the immune system. This means, every time your child eats cookies, cakes, or candies they are laying the groundwork for disease. Instead of depleting your children's immune system by allowing them to eat processed and fast foods, load your kids up on vitamin and mineral-rich treats, like celery, carrots, leafy green vegetables, nuts, beans and other wholesome foods. Eating the natural sugar from fruit is harmless to humans and is an easy way to satisfy any child's sweet tooth protectively, without promoting disease.
  • Spend more time in the kitchen!  Not a cook? Get over it. Getting kids excited about nutrition means spending more time in your kitchen. Your child's health depends on your ability to provide nutritious meals. Dining out frequently keeps harmful food ingredients, like canola oil, MSG, additives, colorings and preservatives mysterious. Health is transparency. It's important to know what's in your children's food. Cooking at home is a small price to pay to ensure your kid's are eating the most healthful ingredients, plus the benefits are enormous. Preparing organic, nutritious, easily digested meals, even if it's a simple fruit and veggie plate with hummus plate for dinner, trumps any fast food meal nutritionally. Additionally, eating together as a family and packing your children nutritious whole food lunches, are one of the best ways to show how much you care while maintaining your children's health and wellness every day.
  • Don't overfeed  - As parents we often worry that our children aren't eating enough food. We feed on demand, give the child a bottle every time they cry and avoid feeding on a schedule. In doing this, we unintentionally encourage our babies to overeat, especially after they indicate they're full. Children with reflux are often overfed. Children with colic are intolerant to their food. Children who grind their teeth have indigestion. Knowing when to stop feeding results in a happier, more comfortable child. 
  • Let your kids eat instinctively. Children tend to eat by instinct, which means they stop eating when they're feeling full. You need to trust this instinct. Overfeeding children, insisting they take one more bite, or forbidding them to leave the table until they finish their plate, or worse, punishing them for it, stresses not only the child, but their digestive process. When the organs are stressed/overworked, the body becomes stressed, the gut becomes backed up and there's a release of toxic ammonia into the blood stream, which causes -- you guess it, more stress. This release of toxins throughout the body is what ultimately weakens your child's immune system.
  • Have a picky eater?  Allow it. Children eat monotrophically--this means they instinctively prefer to eat one food at a time. Allow them to do this. It's not picky -- it's instinct. This is the correct way to eat for efficient digestion and elimination and children instinctively know this. Give your kids a variety of foods and allow them to pick from their plate organically. Trust that they are instinctive beings that know what they need. Nurture that in them and you will raise a moderate, intuitive, and heathy eater.
  • Milk is a food. It isn't eaten with food. If you must feed milk, please do not give it with food. Milk taken with food is a digestive nightmare for children and it taxes the organs weakening immunity. As a basic rule of proper food combining, milk should always be taken by itself. Having milk with breakfast, dinner, lunch or with cookies is a belly bomb for a child's delicate digestive system. So, if you feel that your children aren't eating enough solid food at meal times, go ahead and eliminate milk from their diet. Milk eaten with food taxes the immune system. Milk is also a catalyst for creating mucus in the body. A word of caution: completely avoid cow's milk if your child suffers from constipation, sinus infections, allergies, or asthma, since milk is inflammatory. Serve plenty of fresh juices instead and monitor results. Have lots of highly nourishing foods available to your child to eat, such as melon, bananas, grapes or raisins, should they become hungry.
  • Avoid eggs. While processed breakfast bars and cereals are a poor choice for children, the last thing you want to feed your child for breakfast is eggs, since eggs feed both bacteria and viruses in the body. In fact, eggs are also used grow viruses for vaccines. Enough said. 
  • Juice for, and with, your kids - Children love to juice. It's a new and exciting activity for them. When children become actively involved in the process of preparing their own food they become more willing to taste their creations! Prepare unlimited amounts of fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices with your children daily for maximum vitamin and mineral benefits. Mom's that formula-feed would do well to gradually replace one or two feedings per day with four ounces of fresh organic grape juice. Just one or two servings of fresh juice each day gives your child an abundance of the bioavailable vitamins and minerals their body needs to avoid colds, flu, disease and clear up any skin conditions.
  • Encourage children to be active and in the sunshine (sans the sunscreen.) Children, like plants and trees, flourish and grow in the sunshine. This is why we see growth spurts during the summer months. Sunshine is essential to all life and gives your kids much needed natural Vitamin D. Sunlight should not be feared, it is nature's protection against disease. Blocking the sun's rays with sunscreen or avoiding daily exposure to sunlight defeats the sun's healthful purpose. Tee-shirts, baseball caps and other light coverings are perfectly acceptable ways to limit exposure to the sun's rays without the harmful chemical effects of absorbing sunscreen into the skin.
  • Ensure adequate rest - The importance of sleep for good health cannot be disputed. Sleep is the most important aspect of your child's good health. This is the time your little one's body does its reparative and healing work. Children who eat properly, usually get better sleep than children who are fed fast and processed foods. The reason for this is indigestion. Children who are properly nourished and fed experience no teeth grinding, no jaw clenching, no belly aches or midnight trips to the bathroom. Children who receive adequate nutrients are able to wake up clear-minded and ready for the day. They awaken bright-eyed, their skin is clear, they're less cranky and have an abundance of energy.  

The Choice Not To Vaccinate Puts You in Nature's Hands

With progressions in technology and medical research, we are getting further and further away from the natural ways of living that ensure the health of our kids. The choice not to vaccinate sets you on the path toward nature to protect your children's health. The trick is to keep it simple. Remember; health is simple, disease is complicated. Live on the side of prevention. Avoid overmedicating and overfeeding junk foods, eat simply, have fruit as often as you can. Be mindful of how your children are eating and living. As long as you abide by natural laws, your children will thrive. Your child's immunity is his/her best defense against all disease. This is Mother Nature's vaccine and it's proven to be a safe and effective preventative against disease. Use it endlessly to your advantage!