You Can't Eat Everything In Moderation and Lose Weight

 Photo credit Nancy S. Mure PhD.

Photo credit Nancy S. Mure PhD.

It is impossible to eat "everything in moderation" and live a healthy life these days, yet commercial diet plans are notorious for making this claim. They lead their members to believe they can eat anything they want and still lose the weight. While members may succeed on these diet plans in the short-term, they are not guaranteed two things: that the weight will stay off and that they will maintain their health. 

Dieting in and of itself has been found to stress the body according to a UCLA Researchers report that says dieting does not lead to sustained weight loss. Health benefits for the majority of people, conclude that most folks would be better off not going on the diet at all. At the end of the day, "their weight would be pretty much the same, and their bodies would not suffer the wear and tear from losing weight and gaining it all back." In short, commercial diets generally do not work. What works is creating healthy and permanent dietary lifetime habits.

Recommended foods on commercial diet plans are chock full of additives, colorings, artificial sweeteners and contain GMOs. Specifically, branded frozen foods, snacks, weight loss shakes and energy bars. Eating these foods habitually, "in moderation", will create disease over time. It's for this reason commercial diet plans cannot guarantee your health. 

To illustrate, some of the more popular diet plans like Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, and SlimFast require purchasing their branded foods and products to lose weight. They promise fast weight loss if you eat their foods. These branded processed, snacks, shakes and protein bars are meant to replace two or three healthy meals per day. They are offered as a measure of convenience so you, the dieter, can "effortlessly" lose weight.  

Instead of having you count calories, the Weight Watcher's plan cleverly uses a point system. While their points systems encourages natural food choices, their plan also permits diet soda, sugar and artificial sweeteners. SlimFast, NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Atkins and the rest are in the business of weight loss and profit, leaving you, the consumer, with a weight loss that compromises health. To add insult to injury Weight Watcher's pays big to keep you from knowing what's in your food. Jenny Craig is also against GMO labeling. 

While you may drop a few pounds on a commercial diet or even reach your goal weight, the simple fact is you cannot eat processed food everyday and live a healthy life. For all your efforts your have learned nothing about proper eating. You cannot eat dairy products everyday and live a healthy life. Research shows you cannot take artificial sweeteners everyday and live a healthy life.  You cannot eat American wheat and live a healthy life and eating GMOs does not ensure a healthy life. Eventually, there will be symptoms of disease. 

Gone are the days of losing weight on a commercial diet plan safely and with a health benefit. Today, if you stick with any commercial diet plan that permits and recommends processed and fast foods long term, you'll likely become inflamed and chronically ill. John Hopkins Researchers found only a few dozen commercial diet plans are scientifically rigorous and reliable enough to be recommended by physicians and in a review of thousands of studies finds sparse evidence for any long-term benefits.

And so, while the phrase "Everything in moderation" may have applied once upon a time, it no longer applies in today's diet world since dieters on commercial diet plans find it harder to satisfy their appetites. Thanks to their processed food options, their palates have become adjusted to high amounts of sugar and salt and are so dull they can no longer taste the subtle flavors of natural foods. Additionally, dieters find it hard to resist foods that contain the white trifecta of addiction--salt, sugar and flour, as these ingredients mess with the reward centers of the brain and keep them wanting more.

Today's dieters lose weight and lose health because they don't eat for health. They eat to satisfy a fix. Its time to consider if your current diet plan has really been upfront with you. Eating everything in moderation is near impossible if you're eating fast and processed, junk foods  "in moderation" that contain, chemicals additives that keep you addicted and GMOs. This is why the "eat everything in moderation" philosophy has become the ultimate diet cop-out of our time.