Are Our Country's School Shootings A Nutritional Problem?


In light of this week's tragic and horrific Oregon school shooting the world is saying enough -- enough with loose gun laws, enough school shootings and enough with violence. I think it's safe to say we all agree that is enough is enough. Something's got to be done.

That said, what are we looking at here? Are we looking at a gun problem? A mental health problem? What is it that's causing school shootings at alarming rates?  It's safe to say mental illness is a factor, however what's the root cause of mental illness? 

At the very root of our nations problem with mental illness we may very well be looking at a nutritional problem.

Current research in psychoneuroimmunology and brain biochemistry looked at nutritional deficiency and mental health to provide a clearer understanding of the association between nutritional intake, central nervous system, and immune function influences on an individual's psychological health status. Bottom line is, there's a major connection. 

Linus Pauling said "I believe that mental disease is for the most part caused by abnormal reaction rates, as determined by genetic constitution and diet, and by abnormal molecular concentrations of essential substances....Selection of food (and drugs) in a world that is undergoing rapid scientific and technological change may often be far from the best. 

A deficiency of (Vitamin B12) whatever its cause... leads to mental illness, often even more pronounced than the physical consequences. The mental illness associated with pernicious anemia....often is observed for several years....before any of the physical manifestations of the disease appear... Other investigators have also reported a high incidence of low B12 concentrations in the serums of mental patients than in the population as a whole and have suggested that B12 deficiency, whatever its origin, may lead to mental illness.

Niacin, when it's use was introduced, cured hundreds of thousands of pellagra patients of their psychoses, as well as of the physical manifestations of the disease.... Another vitamin that has been used to some extent in the treatment of mental disease is ascorbic acid, Vitamin C. 

Mental symptoms (depression) accompany the physical symptoms of vitamins C deficiency disease (scurvy)... it is my opinion, from the study of the literature, that many schizophrenics have an increased metabolism of ascorbic acid, presumably genetic in origin and hat he ingestion of massive amounts of ascorbic acid has some value in treating mental disease."

Where do these vitamins and minerals come from? Naturally, they come from our food. Artificially they come from supplements. Either way, we're deficient in them. In a country where 70% of American's diet is processed it shouldn't be any surprise that an astounding one in five Americans are dealing with mental illness.

Research shows a strong link between high sugar consumption and the risk of both depression and schizophrenia. "Inquiry into the dietary history of patients diagnosed as schizophrenic reveals the diet of their choice is rich in sweets, candy, cakes, coffee, caffeinated beverages and foods prepared with sugar. " (Sugar Blues)

Are we looking at nutrition problem here or does mental illness simply come out of the blue?  It's certainly food for thought.