It Isn't "Easy Come, Easy Go" When It Comes To Your Weight

The cliché "easy come, easy go." is said to explain the loss of something that required only a small amount of effort to acquire in the first place. It means what comes easily never lasts.

I personally never gave much thought to the term "easy come, easy go" until I found myself in a situation of wanting immediate weight loss results. I found that every time I lost weight using a radical approach, it never lasted. The weight came right back and eventually I'd revert to old habits -- easy come, easy go.

As frustrating as it can feel not to let go of unwanted weight at the pace you'd like, it's important to realize your weight gain didn't occur easily and it may not go easily. Why? Because it took a lot of work and stress for your body to process the wrong foods. It took a lot of work and stress for your tissues to become blocked with toxins. It took a lot of work and stress for your body to slow its processes of digestion and elimination. Gaining weight, is work and stress for the human body. The reality is, your resulting weight gain didn't come easily and as much as you'd like it to, it will not disappear easily.

This is where many people get stuck. They create more internal stress for themselves by wanting a quick result. They expect that with a short amount of good effort the weight will simply plop off. They have an easy come, easy go mentality. However, the body has another plan. Just as the body gained the weight while resisting the wrong foods and adjusting, the body needs to learn to accept the proper foods, adjust and lose the weight. This takes time, consistency and although weight loss results are guaranteed, for each person the results are individual.

Your body needs consistent and proper nourishment for its processes to work efficiently. It needs the right natural foods to clear toxins from its tissues. It needs proper nutrition in the form of nutrient rich plant-based foods to get the digestive tract moving efficiently again--and it needs loads of vitamins and minerals to keep its cells happy. The less efficient your bodily functions become, especially as you age, the more time weight loss can take. That being said, if your body is holding out, it's clear that it's not getting what it needs at a nutritional level.

When it comes to weight loss the "easy come, easy go" thinking is simply not based in reality. When you dig our heels in and forget what you've learned in diet plans that included processed shakes, bars and meal-- when you undo the damage from being raised on processed foods all your life--when you empower yourself with education, make the necessary adjustments to create new habits and triumph over those habits you will see weight loss results. The opposite of the "easy come, easy go" mentality occurs when we face up to the challenges of adversity, and triumph by staying the course-- when we have the patience to allow the body to do its amazing work and adjust to becoming healthy, just as it adjusted to become unhealthy.

Embrace the process -- It's worth both the wait and the weightloss!

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