Three Steps To Lick A Cold In Under Twenty-Four Hours

You get a runny nose, sneeze a few times, take a decongestant, cough medicine, some other over-the-counter-remedy and you're good to go, right? WRONG.

You're not cured. you've just primed yourself for a continuation of disease: maybe bronchitis, pnemonia or the flu.

"Today, as in the past, when a man becomes ill - he takes a pill from a box, potion from a bottle, gets an injection of a poison from a hypodermic syringe, or has an organ removed. No attention is given to cause. His life is not changed, his habits are not corrected, and in a short time he is sick again. " -Herbert Shelton, MD

A cold is the beginning of disease. It is not a disease. Let me explain. Ever think about why there isn't a cure for the common cold? Astoundingly science has not figured out how to cure a cold because contrary to popular belief, a cold is not something that we "catch," but it represents a process of getting rid of something we have slowly accumulated. A cold is a process of vicarious elimination. A cold is not a disease to cured. It is a symptom. A cold is the body's brilliant way of cleaning house. It your body's way of letting you know that you are:

  • Acidic
  • Stressed on unseen levels
  • Not getting adequate rest.

On the back of every cold is a toxemic state - a slow accumulation of your bad eating and living habits catching up to you. A cold, like all disease is remedial effort. Remedial means righting a wrong. Therefore a cold is a process of purification and repair. We actually delay a cold and prolong it by medicating it.

How do we become toxemic or acidic?  By eating a diet high in refined sugar, processed foods and low amounts of fruits and vegetables. We become acidic when we are emotionally stressed. We become acidic when we are chronically constipated. The body's reaction to this is a clean sweep of the system -- enter the common cold.

Stress is a major factor in getting a cold. There are three types of stress: Emotional stress, which is chronic high in the fast-paced world we live in today. There's physiological stress, which is caused by poor diet and the overworking of your body's processes and organs. We stress our organs when we overeat or when the body digests something difficult, like high amounts of protein, like meat. Being constipated is another self-inflicted form of physiological stress on the body. Equally chronic Indigestion is physiological stress, and yes, you can develop a cold from being cold or being overheated, as this too, is a form of physiological stress. Insomnia, the main symptom of inadequate rest is caused by indigestion. Then there's physical stress, which comes from manual labor, exercise or physical training.

There are three simple steps to take to lick cold in under twenty-four hours. These are:

  • Stop eating. If digestion is process, healing gets put on the back burner. You don't want that.
  • Briefly Fast - transition yourself to a liquid only diet of pure water, broths, herbal teas, fresh, Vitamin C-rich juices. These are easily digested and allow the body to focus on healing. It will also dramatically shorten the span of your cold.
  • Call in sick and put yourself to bed. The body heals by resting. There is no other way for a body to heal other than by giving it much needed rest.

Medicating a cold or suppressing a cough is about as useless as putting a bandaid on a stomach ache. Your amazing body is self eliminating. It's form of ridding the body of mucus (also caused by poor diet) is to expel it. The body does this by coughing and with runny nose.  Rest and allow the body its reparative work and your cold will be gone in no time.