Heal Cracked Heels By Eating More Of These Foods..

Ever wonder why you slather on the best foot cremes and still have cracked heels? Because the skin is an inside job.

Cracked heels are primarily an indication of mineral deficiency. The deficiency in question is zinc. Symptoms of zinc deficiency include poor growth and delayed sexual maturation in children, poor wound healing, hair loss, impaired immune function, and dermatitis. 

The cool thing about the human body is it shows symptoms of deficiencies in the extremities first, to protect the organs, so it's important to recognize a deficiency when it appears.

While Omega 3's from fish, and Vitamin D3 from the sun are also helpful in healing cracked heels, zinc can be found in generous amounts in cashews, chickpeas, kidney beans and almonds. Zinc is also found in animal meats, dairy, and seafoods like lobster, oysters and crabs but I don't recommend eating high amounts of these foods.

Before you reach for the supplements, Zinc is only needed in small amounts. The recommended daily amount (RDA) of zinc should not exceed 8 mg. daily for women and 11 mg. daily for men. Zinc, like all vitamins and minerals is best gotten from food.

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