3 Unchallenging Ways To Push Through A Weight Loss Plateau


Weight loss plateaus are characterized as that dreaded occasion when no matter how well you're eating and training, the nasty red needle on your scale gets stuck on a number you hate.  Over time this can leave you feeling demotivated and ready to give up on your fitness efforts.

Don't despair. While weight stalls are frustrating, they are a necessary part of the weight loss process. In fact, plateaus aren't the negative moments we make them out to be. They mark a physiological adjustment during a body's transition. Best part is, they don't last forever.

There are two types of plateaus

So many people mistaken their weight loss plateau for a green light to haul off and beat their bodies up at the gym until they lose the weight. This is not only counter-productive, its useless and can cause burnout or serious injury (plus, it's a little neurotic).

There are two types of plateaus. These are:

  1. The fitness plateau: Fitness plateaus have to do with our physical and psychological efforts. Fitness plateaus occur when you have reached your peak. Perhaps your running time hasn't progressed or you're not able to lift that extra bit weight, etc.
  2. The weight loss plateau: A weight loss plateau occurs when the number on the scale isn't moving. This is an indication to the dieter that weight loss has stopped. This halt is more about the physiological processes of the body than the physical processes. It is an indication to reevaluate diet.

Keeping in mind that weight loss results are eighty percent nutrition, and twenty percent exercise efforts, it's important to focus what you're eating to get break through a weight loss plateau. Particularly if you're on a diet that includes protein shakes, or energy bars or any other undesired processed weight loss product. These could be holding up your results.

Believe weight loss will happen!

If you're midway through your weight loss efforts and the number on the scale isn't moving, don't become frustrated. Positive thinking goes a long way toward weight loss efforts. Staying motivated and believing weight loss will happen will help you move toward your goal.

Moving forward is easier than you think!

Here are three unchallenging ways to get weight loss moving again:

  1. Eat a pickle! When food cravings hit, and you find yourself drawn to the refrigerator for something sweet, eat a pickle to help sugar cravings subside. The pickle is both pungent and stimulating to the palate. Its sour taste makes a perfect appetite deterrent. What's more, pickles are virtually calorie free! 
  2. Declare a green week - A green week is a seven day devotional to leafy green foods. Green foods aren't only high in nutrients, they're high in fiber. That being said, declaring a green week should not be mistaken for a detox or a cleanse. Instead, declaring a green week is an excellent way to nourish yourself and take your eating to the next level.
    1. Make green smoothies with spinach, kale cucumber, and lemon.
    2. Enjoy greens like escarole or asparagus and broccoli alongside your dinner salad.
    3. Green juices such as celery or cucumber digest easily while helping to nourish the body on a cellular level.
    4.  Prepare salads for breakfast and lunch. Eat these with a sweet potato or some sliced avocado to make a complete meal. 
  3. Power-up your palate! Powering-up your palate is the more permanent (and recommended) solution to busting through your weight loss plateau, because it deals with removing sugar cravings. As I mention in my book EAT! -- Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight  once you power-up the palate, you'll be better able to taste your food. Powering-up the palate is so effective in fact, that your body's cravings will literally turn into a cut-off switch.

Nutrition is always the answer!

It's important to remember that weight loss plateaus are more of a nutritional issue than a fitness issue. When you change what you put in your body, your body processes change. This is what helps in breaking a weight loss plateau.

No matter what diet plan you're on, if weight loss has stalled, realize it's a signal to change things up nutritionally. Employ one or all of the methods above to bust through your weight loss plateau. Snack on some pickles, declare a green week, power-up your palate, and watch in awe as you lose ridiculous weight!