12 Natural Medicine Cabinet Must Haves

Big Pharma hasn't been getting a lot of love lately.  

With pharmaceutical company greed exposed and the price gauging of prescription drugs, many Americans are flocking toward natural remedies faster than we can say the word "go". As a result, there's a steadily stream of folks losing trust in their physicians and the modern medicine that keeps them in practice -- and they're losing it fast. 

Not shockingly, a whopping 70 percent of Americans rely on at least one prescription drug, while more than half take two, according to researchers at the Mayo Clinic and Olmsted Medical Center. The most commonly prescribed drugs are opioids (13 percent), antidepressants (13 percent) and antibiotics (17 percent). 

Medications Are The Biggest Cause of Illness

A new study reports that medications are the biggest cause of sudden deaths related to allergic reactions. Among the most common is anaphylaxis, a life-threatening allergic reaction, according to Allergyfacts.org.

Thing is, allergies, no matter what their cause, mean big bucks for both U.S. and international pharmaceutical companies, which earn billions in sales off of many different branded products, according to Forbes, so while Big Pharma hears cha-ching every time you have an allergic reaction, you involuntarily become their guinea pig. Yay you.

While there's a place in the world for life-saving medications, daily use of multiple over-the-counter and prescribed medications needn't be the norm of everyday life. True healing exists.

Education vs. Medication

Your health is a simple matter of education vs medication. Once you understand the root cause of disease, you can take the natural steps towards healing it. It is a little known fact that every disease begins with one cause; inflammation. While inflammation is always protective, in today's world, the epidemic of chronic, low-grade inflammation is not, which causes more destructive to the balance of your body.

Inflammation can be caused by injury, infection and allergic reaction. A simple way to remember that inflammation is at the root of all illness is to remember that every disease ending with the suffix 'itis' indicates inflammation. To give an example; bronchitis would be an inflammation of the bronchial tubes, while tonsilitis or thyroiditis would be inflammation of the tonsils or thyroid. Diseases that don't end in itis can also involve inflammation. A key driver of heart disease, according to a recent Harvard report is--- you guessed it-- inflammation.

True Power Is Knowing How to Heal Yourself

Now that you know that the root cause of disease is likely inflammation, you are armed with information you need to begin your journey toward reversing it. One major player in creating inflammation in the body is the Standard American Diet. High amounts of mucus-causing animal products, such as meat and dairy, are recommended to be on your dinner plate every night. This coupled with high amounts of fast and processed foods are inflammation-causing, and they're keeping you chronically sick. That means, your daily nutrition habits are by far are your best line of defense against both inflammation and illness.

As I discuss in my book EAT! Empower. Adjust. Triumph!: Lose Ridiculous Weight there's a world of difference between being nourished and being fed. While American's are well fed, they are vitamin and mineral deficient, overweight, malnourished and overmedicated, which is why we are the sickest nation on earth. 

When you are nourished, eating a low in animal products and devoid of the fast and processed foods approved, and even recommended, by the FDA, you are the best-equipped at staving off disease. That being said, dealing with illness once it occurs doesn't have to mean multiple trips to the doctor and pharmacy. In most cases, you can heal yourself  and your family right at home -- that is, if your natural medicine cabinet is properly stocked. 

Natural Remedies Help With More Than One Ailment

The really cool thing about natural healing is it's multi-tasking abilities. Nature is a healing trove of wild foods that contain vitamins and minerals that help to heal more than one symptom and bring balance back to the body. With a well stocked arsenal of natural treatments, coupled with proper nourishment and some good old-fashioned natural healing techniques, you can get back to life as you know it, healthier and stronger than you were before, without reactions, side effects or without negatively impacting your gut health. If that sounds good to you, below is a list (complete with Amazon links) of what you will need, should unexpected symptoms of illness appear.

  1. Colloidal Silver - Believe the hype! Colloidal Silver is a silver-based antibiotic, which has been used as a remedy well before the advent of penicillin. Colloidal silver is a positively charged, bioactive silver hydrosol, which makes it antibacterial and effective both topically and internally. Use colloidal silver for cuts, eye, ear infections, tooth abscesses or as a preventative for bacterial infections.  
  2. Elderberry Syrup - is a potent, antiviral, anti-bacterial, anticancer syrup made from the elderberry, which is highly antioxidant and healing. Elderberries are an excellent source of Vitamin B17. Elderberry syrup can be used for bronchial and respiratory problems and to loosen and expel congestion in the lungs. It also has an overall uplifting affect on the immune system and is best taken daily as a preventative.
  3. Mullen Garlic Ear Drops - Garlic contains very strong antibiotic, anti-fungal, anti-cancer, and anti-viral properties. It can be used to remove intestinal worms and to strengthen the lymphatic system. Garlic annihilates H-pylori and is also particularly affective for healing ear infections. 
  4. Goldenseal/Echinacea throat spray - Goldenseal is a godsend if you're dealing with a sore throat. Goldenseal has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory attributes, and is also highly nutritive containing, the vitamins and minerals C,A,E & B-Complex, iron, calcium and manganese. When coupled with Echinacea, which is also highly antiviral, Goldenseal helps your body heal quickly from colds, flu, sore throat caused by strep and mono, as well as sinusitis, hay fever, bronchitis, canker sores, enlarged lymph glands, ear infections, gingivitis, enlarged prostate, urinary tract infections, and yeast infections. Echinacea is also an excellent blood purifier.
  5. Oil of Oregano - Oregano isn't only delicious on your pizza! Oregano is a popular herb that is highly nutritive, also boasting a good amount of vitamins like C,A,K and B-complex. Oregano is an amazingly strong and effective anti-bacterial that aids with intestinal discomfort, and relief from bloating and gas. Oil of oregano is sold in easy to take capsules and is also very effective in cleansing the blood.
  6. Eyebright - has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties. Eyebright is a tiny herb that is beneficial for soothing eye-related problems like pink-eye, styes, blurry or weakened vision, and cataracts. Use it together with one or two drops of colloidal silver in the eye for fast healing of styes, which are known to be caused by the strep bacteria.
  7. Cat's Claw - is nature's steroid. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-tumor, and anti-viral properties. Cat's claw doesn't come from a cat like the name implies, rather it comes from a barky vine, which possesses thorns that look like a cat's claws. Cat's claw helps with almost any inflammatory condition, especially, knee pain, bursitis, frozen shoulder, tooth pain, plantar fasciitis, and appendicitis to name a few. Cat's claw's anti-inflammatory properties help to relieve arthritis, gout, bowel disorders, ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and leaky bowel syndrome. If you've been diagnosed with any ailment that ends in 'itis', you'll want to have Cat's Claw handy.
  8. Manuka honey is a wondrous, healing, antiviral and antibacterial. Manuka honey trumps all antibiotic ointments on the market when it comes to healing injuries and has a shelf life of over twenty years. Manuka honey used topically, is a must for cuts and bruises, while cutting healing time in half. What's more, Manuka honey can also be used on pet injuries without the danger of your pet licking it and being poisoned. 
  9. Lemon Balm is perhaps the most versatile part of your natural medicine cabinet arsenal. Lemon balm is hugely antiviral, so if you're dealing with herpetic viruses such as canker sores, shingles and Epstein Barr Virus,  Lemon balm has you covered. Lemon balm doesn't come from lemons, it is a powerful herb that comes from the mint family. Lemon Balm is highly useful in calming the nerves (as in the entire nervous system.) Lemon balm is also ultra effective on the bladder and kidney, helping to reverse UTIs and yeast infections. Lemon balm is great for reliving insomnia, night sweats, gastritis, indigestion, IBS, and stopping diarrhea. Lemon balm also halts histamine reactions related to allergies and can be taken as a tea.
  10. Turmeric  is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antiseptic, and anti-depressant often used for headaches, back pain and joint pain. The active ingredient in turmeric is Curcumin, which has been shown in scientific studies to be as powerful and as ibuprofen, without the gut-bacteria-killing side effects. Curcumin has also been proven strong enough to replace sixteen prescription medications in your conventional medical cabinet! If that's not enough, Curcumin possesses preventative anti-cancer properties, and is known to help inhibit the growth of prostate, skin, colon, mouth, esophagus, lung, stomach, pancreatic, liver, and breast cancer. 
  11. Activated Charcoal comes in hand when you've eaten something toxic. Activated charcoal is a magnet for irritants or toxins ingested into the body that you want to get rid of quickly. Usually used in cases of emergency for poisoning, activated charcoal is swift in absorbing and removing poisons from the bloodstream safely and efficiently. Activated Charcoal is also safe to use on your pets.
  12. Ionic Zinc - If you have the shingles virus, are allergic to mold, if you are chemically sensitive, you want more of the mineral zinc in your life. Zinc is just not abundant in our food supply the way it should be leaving us all critically deficient. Zinc is important because it fights against pathogens caused by the shedding of viruses in our bodies, like the Epstein Barr and shingles Viruses. These pathogens are what ignites autoimmune responses in the body and zinc is your only armor against them. Take zinc!

Take care of you!

Knowing inflammation the the root cause of disease should ease your mind. Once your nutrition is corrected, your levels of emotional and digestive stress will become reduced, and this in itself, is very healing! 

While on this path of true healing, you will find your natural medicine cabinet to be highly effective in correcting and maintaining your overall health. If you haven't already done so, stock up your natural medicine cabinet today. You'll be glad you did!