3 Natural Ways To Combat Sugar Intolerance

Sugar. It's everywhere you turn. It's in your Starbuck's mocha, it's in your yogurt, it's in your barbecue sauce and it's even in your cellular makeup. That's right, your DNA is made of sugar.

Surprised? Most people are. Your DNA is made of molecules called nucleotides. Each nucleotide contains a phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogen base. Deoxyribose sugar and the phosphate groups form what's known as the backbone of your DNA.  

Before you get all excited and grab a candy bar, understand that sugar is a broad term. To simplify, there's the sugar that nature provides in fruits and some vegetables, then there are man-made and processed forms of sugar. Sugar beets, sugar cane, High fructose made from GMO corn, and the fake stuff, known as artificial sweeteners are man-made sugars.

Man-made sugars and artificial sweeteners are what causes all the trouble. Because humans need sugar and are genetically hardwired to prefer sweet tastes, we run into major health troubles when we consume too much of it -- heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer can be caused by a lifetime of eating processed and artificial sugars.

It is a known fact that refined sugar - the white addicting stuff, is not only acidic in the body, it is a known depressant of the immune system. It is also the root cause of inflammation and disease. That being said, if your diet consists of fast and processed foods, it's a good bet you're getting too much man-made sugar.

It's hard to hear but if you don't decide to give up the junky white stuff your pancreas will decide for you. Your pancreas will resist the sugar and this insulin resistance will result in weight gain.

What does it mean to become resistant to sugar? Put bluntly, it means your pancreas is staging a revolt. The stressed pancreas refuses to process the sugar you take in. This is a problem because the pancreas' job is to release insulin every time you eat and because it isn't doing that, you automatically and unrelentingly begin to store fat.

Once there's sugar resistance it doesn't matter what kind of sugar or even starch you take in-- artificial sweeteners, fruit, pasta, potatoes, candy -- they'll all ignite the same fat-storing reaction. You may feel like no matter what you do, your body will not let go of the weight. This symptom is called pre-diabetes and if ignored, will progress to full-blown Type II diabetes, requiring insulin supplementation for your body to metabolize the sugar. 

You don't want that.

To make matters worse, insulin resistance is the main cause of fatty liver. The relatively new medical term "fatty liver" describes a buildup of excess fat in the liver. When your liver gets fat, it gets lazy and stops playing its role in fat metabolism. This is why 'insulin resistance' and 'fatty liver' are umbrella-ed under the term metabolic syndrome.

Candidates for insulin resistance tend to be mostly female, having an apple shaped figure. They hold the bulk of their fat in their belly. However, this doesn't exempt thin folks, men and pear-shaped women from sugar resistance or fatty liver-- anyone who has takes in to much man-made sugar is prone to metabolic syndrome. In fact, we're seeing it more and more in kids. 

The good news is there is a way to naturally and completely reverse the symptoms of metabolic syndrome, but to do so, you must remain committed;

  1. Radical Nutrition -  Radical conditions call for radical action. If you can't correct your nutrition on your own, enlist a Certified Holistic Nutrition Practitioner to assist you. You must become a ninja at making food eliminations to your current diet plan, especially if you're on commercial diet plans like Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, SlimFast, Atkins or Jenny Craig. These plans "ok" the very fast and processed foods and artificial sweeteners that cause insulin resistance. Slashing all processed ingredients from your life removes the bulk of sugar you're taking in, giving your pancreas a much needed break. Next, a transition to a plant-based diet of at least eighty percent leafy greens, beans, nuts, sweet potatoes and low glycemic fruits like berries, lets the healing begin.
  2. RemineralizeStudies have shown that sugar cravings are strongly linked to a deficiency in two essential trace minerals. These minerals are chromium and vanadium. It has been scientifically proven that both chromium and vanadium help in normalizing blood sugar. Both essential trace minerals have been shown to be key for normalizing glucose metabolism. Sources of chromium and vanadium are found naturally in whole foods. If you are mineral deficient, which most Americans are, you may wish to supplement with a quality plant-based essential trace minerals in colloidal suspension until your diet is fully corrected.
  3. Exercise - Your muscles are great metabolizers of carbohydrates. Sugar is a carbohydrate. That means one of the most efficient ways to combat sugar resistance is by getting active. Weight lifting, cardiovascular exercise and yoga build muscle. These activities provide an outlet for the body to use sugar that the pancreas resists as energy, instead of storing it as fat. Over time, with continuation of proper nutrition your pancreas, liver and your body weight will begin to normalize.

Stay committed. Stay on course. In time, radically changing your diet, remineralizing and jacking up physical activity will reverse insulin resistance help with weight loss and turn your fatty liver back into a fat burning liver again.

Correct your nutrition and you will correct your health.