Here's Where Bad Breath Comes From...


You may or may not have given a thought to where your bad breath comes from. I mean, you brush your teeth before you go to bed. You don't eat or drink during the night. So where on earth does that foul odor you try so hard to conceal from your spouse or partner come from?

If I may, I'd like to use my dog as an example. 

True story: I acquired a dog from a police officer, who acquired him from an exhausted pet owner looking to unload him at the New York City Marathon. The dog had a dull coat, bad breath, body odor, hot spots and a double ear infection. His diet consisted of processed kibble, dog treats and water. I took the dog in and switched the dog's diet to one that was species appropriate. Within one-two weeks on a species appropriate raw diet, the dog's ear infections were gone -- his body odor and hot spots disappeared and the dog's bad breath was as sweet as a kine. 

What caused this dog's awful breath and other symptoms of poor health? His diet. We spend so much money buying the latest doggie shampoos. We wash our pups down weekly, and perfume them etc., but what we fail to realize is none of these remedies will work long term, if the dog's diet continues to be inadequate. He will continue to smell, his ears be remain infected, his hot spots will irritate him and his breath will continue to be foul. Period. In fact that's the first sure sign diet is incorrect. Let me explain

In the same way, the human species develops chronic symptoms such as dull hair, dry, itchy skin patches and foul smelling breath due to poor diet. Chronic ear infections in humans are also caused by food allergies, as is body odor and skin breakouts.

While there are many differences between human and animal, how we digest food is not one of them. The main cause of bad breath in the human species is caused by the inability to digest, absorb and assimilate essential ingredients from an improper diet. Instead we have become toxic and our tissues have become blocked and clogged. 

An example of an improper diet in humans contains one that is high in animal products and sugar. This diet not only results in the development of mucus, it results in bad breath, smelly flatulence, body odor and foul stool. To explain further, bad breath is caused by sulfur -- VSCs, volatile sulfur compounds that excrete anaerobic bacteria. To back up this claim biological physicists at the University of Buffalo's School of Medicine reported that a strain of bacteria that emits volatile sulfur compounds may be the cause of a large portion of cases of halitosis in humans. Remove the animal products and bad breath vastly improves. 

Instead of spending a small fortune on body scents, shampoos, candies and remedies to perfume your bad breath and disguise your impaired health, address it. Swap out sugar, animal products, fast and processed foods, wheat, and coffee with a diet high in fruits and vegetables. Switching your diet over from highly acidic to a more alkaline fruit-and-vegetable diet will help to neutralize and sweeten bad breath.

What's important to realize is that offensive breath is always a symptom of an abnormality. Aside from poor diet, bad breath may also be due to tobacco, poor oral hygiene, tonsil stones, gastro-intestinal decomposition, mucus accumulation, lung disease, or most any disease.

Healthy breath is sweet; it has no bad odor to it. As a general rule, you want to remember that sweet breath equals good health, while stinky breath is a good indication of inadequate health. One way to get sweet breath is to remember it's garbage-in, garbage-out when it comes to your breath and your health. Keep eating foods the body needs, such as high amounts of fruits and vegetables and your amazing body will reward you with better overall health and sweeter smelling breath.