How to Get Over Your Fruitphobia

A recent UCL Study reports that people who ate seven or more portions of fruit and vegetables a day had a 42% lower risk of death than those who ate less than one portion.

Another study presented at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s annual meeting in Lisbon of more than 1,100 men and women concluded that those with healthy diets were much more likely to conceive. The study found 55% of fertile men consumed fruit five times a week compared with 73% of fertile women therefore, regular consumption of fruit (and vegetables) was associated with far higher levels of fertility.

Despite this proof, so many people have fruitphobia -- a fear of eating fruit -- particularly diabetics who have been told by their doctors not to do so. The fear of rising sugar levels stops them from consuming the very thing that will nourish, heal them and extend their life.

Not surprisingly, most diabetic fruitphobics think nothing of adjusting their insulin for a cookie, pasta, rice or wheat bread, which is shown to raise their sugar as high as a candy bar but when it comes to fruit they'll pass.

Fitness enthusiasts and trainers also pass up on the fruit due to a mistaken belief the sugar hinders weight loss efforts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Fruit does not cause the body to store belly fat. 

Benefits of fruit go far beyond what you've been told. Fruit is the difference between living a long life and living a short one -- it is the difference between fertility or infertility, illness or health and the difference between being nourished and fed.

It's important to know this truth: fruit eaten whole, does not deliver its natural sugar in blunt force, like say a smoothie or a fresh juice, so the glucose does not cause the storage of belly fat. Fiber allows the fruit to release the natural sugar slowly into the bloodstream via the process of digestion. Eating fruit whole also allows you to eat slower and feel more satiated.

To let go of your fruitphobia embrace the positive attributes of fruit: 

  • Fruit has protein.
  • Fruit is packed with minerals.
  • Fruit loaded with vitamins.
  • Fruit is high in fiber.
  • Fruit has natural sugar, which works with the body as opposed to refined sugar which is a known depressant of immune system according to an undisputed study done in 1973 by the
  • Fruit is anti-inflammatory.
  • Fruit is alkaline.
  • Fruit is the fastest food on earth.

"Fruit in the morning is golden..." as the saying goes. Having three fruits first thing in the morning supplies the body with much needed energy, nutrients, fiber, natural sugar, protein, vitamins and minerals. Three fruits in the morning will not only satisfy you, it'll keep digestion efficient, elimination regular and keep you feeling satisfied beyond lunch.

Since Type II Diabetes is a diet related disease, fruit eaten regularly along with a diet high in vegetables (80%), low in protein (10%) and moderate in good fats (10%) can also help to reverse the disease

Non-diabetics may eat fresh organic fruit liberally to wean off of refined sugar by having fruit each time there's a craving. Since sugar cravings in general are due to mineral deficiency, swapping out fruit for junk will not only satisfy the craving for sweets, overtime it will replace depleted minerals, squelch further cravings and vastly improve health.