Here's Why Your Skin Is An Inside Job

Each summer, as part of an international exchange program, we host Italian and Spanish students for three weeks. They stay with us to practice english and to educate themselves on American culture. 

Year after year, the students arrive bright-eyed, cleared-skinned and energetic. 

However, after spending three weeks in the states, they head home with greasy faces, clogged pores,  blackheads and some even develop cysts on their face, neck, chest, back, and shoulders. 

American Fare Is Essentially Crap

When I visit Europe, I look forward to sitting down and enjoying a culinary experience of delicious foods made from fresh ingredients. American fare isn't that same culinary experience, it's a food tour of rushed, commercial, sugary, GMO foods and oversized sodas. 

The meals requested by my international students year after year are typical American fare. Hot dogs, hamburgers, french fries, meatloaf, Thanksgiving dinner, onion rings, peanut butter and jelly, and pancakes are among the most popular requests. What's more, these meals are often washed down with milk! I even remember one student leaving the U.S. stocked with Pop-Tarts to bring back to Spain. 

As the exchange students tour New York City each day, they enjoy our food truck options, relishing the grilled cheese, ice cream and other ethic fare from around town. 

The Skin Is An Inside Job

Year-in and year-out I observe as my students leave from their visit to New York City, sluggish and depleted with acne breakouts, due to their poor dietary choices. This cements for me what I know for sure: that the skin is an inside job. 

So many parents ignore this simple fact, as they watch as their kids develop acne, and eat a bad diet. It is far easier for them to purchase Pro-Active or to run them to the dermatologist to get "side-effect" prescriptions to control acne without ever considering the root cause.

Improper Diet and Acne Go Together

While some studies are inconclusive that acne and diet are related, there are many that confirm the connection between improper diet and acne. Not surprisingly, a study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology cites sugar and dairy as the main culprits of worsening acne. Incidentally, constipation -- a back up of the bowel, is another chronic condition that seals the deal when it comes to bad skin. 

Garbage In Garbage Out

Here is one simple truth. What goes into the body will come out one way or the other. The skin is an elimination organ like the kidneys, the lungs, the rectum and the liver. Its job is to expel toxins. If the diet is poor and the bowels blocked due to poor dietary choices, then you can bet toxins will release themselves through the skin. 

Plant-based Foods Heal Acne

You'd be hard-pressed to find a vegan, a vegetarian, or even a part-time vegan for that matter with bad skin. This is because the number one root cause of young, radiant and vibrant skin is proper diet, followed by good digestion and efficient elimination. 

Conversely, the number one root case of bad skin is poor diet, poor digestion and elimination coupled with hormonal changes. 

Eat Foods That Work With The Body Not Against It

The bottom line is this: healthy, radiant and clear skin is as simple as eating foods that work with body versus eating foods that work against it. Foods that work against the body are:

Foods that work with the body come from nature. They are anti-inflammatory, abundant in vitamins and minerals, collagen and encourage good digestion and elimination. These are:

  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Good fats like coconut, nuts and avocado
  • Bone Broth

Having Great Looking Clear Skin Is Simple

The most essential of needs of the skin and the human body are essentially basic. Exercising, getting enough sunlight, securing adequate rest, keeping stress to a minimum, eating a diet high (at least 80%) in fruits and vegetables and low (approximately 10%) protein, along with eating good fats like avocado and nuts, will help you attain glowing and radiant skin. 

Avoid topical treatments, as these are a waste of money. Instead invest in yourself and empower yourself; make the necessary adjustments, then triumph over your acne! You can find out how in my book EAT! --Empower. Adjust. Triumph!  Learn how to load up on the proper foods for the best looking skin inside and out!