Perhaps you are wondering how your human gut can be compared to a fish tank of all things. In a word, this is due to bacteria. Bacteria are tiny living microorganisms that maintain or derail your health. 

You Want Your Bacterial To Be Friendly

Growing 'friendly' bacteria is the single most important aspect of keeping both a healthy gut as well as a healthy fish tank. This is because established fish tanks as well as happy guts both house something called beneficial or "friendly" bacteria.

For the fish tank, "friendly" bacteria are essential to the overall health of the tank and its inhabitants. For the human and animal gut, friendly bacteria are essential to overall health.

What Does A Fish Tank Have To Do With The Human Gut? Everything. 

Without 'friendly' bacteria, ammonia in an aquarium accumulates to toxic levels, ultimately killing the fish.

In the same way, the human gut needs to maintain an above average level of good bacteria to maintain good health. While this friendly bacteria doesn't balance out ammonia levels in the human body like it does a fish tank, it allows digestive health to function smoothly and efficiently.

Digestive Health Equals Good Health

Poor diet and improperly combined foods can create sluggish digestion, causing putrefaction in the intestine and the release of harmful gases. When your digestion is in question, you will experience symptoms such as insomnia, GERD, teeth grinding and clenching, gas, bloating, hiccups, indigestion and chronic constipation, to name a few.

The human gut thrives when good bacteria are present. Digestion and elimination become swift and efficient. Friendly gut bacteria create a balance in the intestines that helps the digestive process to run smoothly. Adequate nourishment, efficient digestion and swift elimination prevent the human gut and the bloodstream from becoming toxic. 

When the blood becomes toxic, the source is the intestines. How can the intestines poison the blood? Through the release of gas. The harmful gas is ammonia, and it leaks from the backed-up intestine where it permeates through the stomach walls and into the bloodstream causing a range of symptoms of digestive upset, to no symptoms at all.

Ammonia Permeability is Real

Ammonia permeability has commonly been mistaken for "leaky gut," says Anthony William, Medical Medium, who dispels the notion undigested microscopic food particles escape through the lining of the intestine. William suggests "If leaky gut as we commonly refer to it were true, raging fever, sepsis and a blood infection would occur."

Therefore, it makes more sense that with ammonia gas permeating the intestine, toxicity occurs.

We Are Made Of Water

While it sounds simplistic, the human body is 80% water. As our levels of stress, emotions, medications, environmental factors and improper diets hinder the bacteria housed in our guts, our good, protective bacteria dissipates. That's how we become a walking 'tank' of gaseous, harmful and toxic ammonia.

Re-populate Friendly Bacteria By Eating Naturalbiotics

We can seed our guts with good bacteria, just as we can seed a new fish tank. One really effective way to put friendly bacteria into the gut and repopulate your intestines is to eat something called naturalbiotics. Naturalbiotics are the beneficial bacteria located on the freshest, organic, fruit and vegetables you can find, especially sprouts and foods that grow from the ground.

The key word here is "fresh" -- fresh fruit and vegetables are gifted with healthy bacteria from nature that remains on the rinds and leaves of produce grown in the sun. Over time consuming this beneficial bacteria helps to repopulate your gut and return it back to health. Eaten abundantly, and in the proper combinations naturalbiotics will vastly improve your digestion, elimination and provide you with the living bacteria you need to thrive.

Eat Organic. Eat Local.

If you get your fruits and vegetables from a farmers, great! If you grow your own pesticide free fruits and vegetables, even better! Pick them and eat them. You want to eat at least five to seven fresh fruits per day, plus vegetables. Eat them whole or in a smoothie to heal your gut and regain your health. The end result will be a body that is vital, healthy, energetic and thriving, with no backup and no toxic ammonia gas.