The One and Only Cause for Sugar Cravings Is This...


Studies show that sugar is addicting. Studies also show that sugar is a known depressant of the immune system. That being said, if sugar is addicting and depresses the immune system, why do Americans crave so much of it? 

It may surprise you to learn that sugar is part of your DNA and genetic structure. Your body and brain rely on sugar or glucose to function properly, which means we actually need sugar to live. Therefore, we crave sugar for physiological reasons.

Sugar Cravings = Depletion

Despite what you've been led to believe though, white sugar while addicting, is not so much an addiction than it is a symptom. Sugar cravings are a symptom of cell depletion, malnourishment, and more specifically mineral deficiency. Generally when the body gets the nourishment it needs, it will no longer crave sugar. 

The Right Sugar Is Not Bad For You

When you think of sugar, don't think of the white stuff--refined sugar is disease-causing and generally, bad for your health. When you think of sugar, think of life giving mineral-rich and nourishing fruit. Fruits contain the natural glucose, and all the vitamins and minerals humans need to preserve and promote good health, fertility, healing and overall well being. To overcome sugar cravings all you need to do is reach for fruit!

You Can Eat As Much Fruit As You Crave (And Then Some...)

You can eat fruit until your cravings subside and even once cravings do, get yourself in the habit of eating ore life-giving fruit. Your brain needs it. Your muscles need it, and your cells require it.

Trace Mineral Deficiency Spikes Sugar Cravings

You are a living organism made of cells that require proper food to regenerate. This is why people who eat sugar typically age faster -- because at a cellular level their cells aren't getting the foods they need to regenerate. Humans typically crave sugar because they are mineral deficient.  When humans are deficient in essential trace minerals, it can cause certain food-seeking behaviors that show in the form of overeating and binge eating.  

Your Body Nags You Until You Give It What It Needs

That's not to say that refined- sugar isn't addictive. It's depleting your cells of food -- that's where the addiction comes from. Your body will remind you that you need sugar -- if you keep giving it the wrong sugar though it will nag to give it more, even if it's the depleting kind.  Sure you brain and muscles will use refined and simple sugars from processed food as a source of sugar but these are aging, depleting and depressive to the immune system. The effects of eating too much refined and simple sugar versus the right sugar, may show itself in frequent illness, sugar highs and lows and general malaise.

If You've Been Brought Up On Sugar Your Whole Life You're Not Alone

Think about how the average American grows up. Immediately after birth, without a second thought, many of us fed a processed "formula" as our main source of food versus the natural and highly nourishing "sugar water" provided by breastmilk. Even if we're breastfed for a time, eventually as we grow, we're transitioned to processed cereals and processed commericial jarred foods. By the time we're toddlers, we're being fed processed chicken fingers, french fries, fish sticks, yogurt, pizza and other junk foods available on-the-go. Is it any wonder our bodies are deficient? We've been eating processed deficient food all our lives!

Wait, It Gets Worse

By the time we grow into teenagers, we've had every childhood disease in the book, we have acne, greasy hair, we're grouchy and we're in full binge mode. By this time we are chronically mineral deficient and reach for cookies, chips, chocolate, pizza (which is all sugar) and processed junk at every turn. We are moody, crampy and with hormones raging, our bodies are crying out to be nourished. In an unconscious attempt to replenish the minerals we are missing, we seek a temporary fix by eating salt and sweet processed foods. Our body accepts this but the craving persist. Over time, our mineral deficiencies cause us to seek out food (any food) to fill that nutritional void. This is the number one reason we see binge eating disorder and PICA behaviors in humans and animals. This is also one of the main reasons we develop so-called food addictions or food seeking behaviors and likely the number one reason why we are plagued with obesity.

Overcome Cravings By Nourishing Yourself!

The one and only way to overcome sugar cravings is to nourish yourself.  A body that is depleted will continue to see out what it needs to survive (in this case glucose) Replace fresh organic fruit or unsulfured, nourishing dried fruits like figs whenever there's a craving for sugar.

As you become more nourished your cravings will subside. To begin, vastly increase the amount of fresh vegetables in your diet. These foods pack a high mineral and nutritional punch and will provide you with all the nourishment you need to overcome your sugar addiction permanently. 

Over time you will find, if you are consistent with this, that you can succeed in nourishing your body on a cellular level, and it will no longer crave sugar.