The One Food You Should Be Eating To Boost Conception

Given the epidemic of poor health in America, it's no surprise that a study of 19,000 women by the Harvard School of Public Health found a higher incidence of ovary disorders in women who consumed more processed foods (i.e, trans fats, bad carbs), and animal protein. In fact, research indicates that GMOs, which are found mostly in the above mentioned foods as well as conventionally grown produce, could be a major cause of infertility. 

As a prospective mother-to-be, your health prior to conception is the single most important requirement for conception to actually occur. We all know that processed foods no matter how decorated they are as 'healthy' are nutritionally dead and acidic in the body. The body works against these foods, not with them, and they are often times difficult to digest. Therefore, if your body is working against what you're eating day-in and day-out (or worse, doesn't recognize what you're eating as food) a successful and viable pregnancy is out of the question. 

Good vitality and good health are the number one essential requirement to fulfill your conceptive role as "Mom." To be vital means to have a body that is resilient to what you're feeding it and what you're exposed to. To illustrate, let's examine the benefits of having good health pre and post pregnancy.

Here are some ways your body lets you know when you're experiencing good health:

  • Relatively easy pregnancy and delivery.
  • Adequate milk supply.
  • Low Anxiety.
  • Abundant energy to care for baby as well as the inflow of family members.
  • Being able to swing midnight feedings effortlessly.
  • No postpartum depression.

While vegetables are a very important and very necessary part of re-gaining your health and vastly improving nutrition-- particularly leafy greens and lots of nutrient-rich asparagus, there's another food that seals the conception deal for mother's to be. (Hint: They don't call babies the "fruit of your loin" for nothing.)

The one food you want to be eating to increase chances of conception is fruit. We're not talking one fruit a day. We're talking five to seven fresh organic fruits each day. Fruits help to boost ovulation. Eating at least five to seven fruits each day, everyday, at least six months to one year prior to conception, is what you require to jack up your health and jumpstart your pregnancy success. Fruits should be organic and from the freshest source possible. If you grow your own fruit, terrific -- fresh grown or farm fresh fruits will provide the good bacteria necessary to repopulate your gut and improve overall health. Getting fruit from a farm or natural supermarket where you know the food is fresh is an acceptable alternative --  just keep fruits and vegetables organic and non-GMO. Additionally, you'll want to avoid other lifestyle mistakes as well, such as smoking, drinking, high stress, inadequate sunshine and improper rest.

Which fruits should you eat to jumpstart conception and your health? The sky's the limit! According to the Mayo Clinic, the following are technically fruits to enjoy anytime. anywhere and anyhow: avocado, beans, pea pods, corn kernels, cucumbers, grains, nuts, olives peppers, pumpkin, squash, sunflower seeds and tomatoes. To this you should add apples, citrus, melons, stone fruits, grapes, bananas, papaya, wild blueberries, berries, cherries and tropical fruits!

Generally and digestively speaking, breakfast is the preferred time to have your fruit. To reach your daily quota of five to seven fruits per day, enjoy fruits in a smoothie, take some on-the-go. Eat fruit until noon, then enjoy leafy green salads with other quality vegetables and plant-based foods for dinner for best results.

Whether you're planning to become a mother for the first time or the seventh time, eating fruit will help in boosting your chances of conception.  Have fun eating more fruit pre-pregnancy, post pregnancy and beyond!