Got Mono? Here's how to fight it Naturally



Heading to college is the first giant step toward independence for many teens around the world. As a now autonomous member of your family, you are suddenly left to fend for yourself, while sharpening your problem-solving skills and advancing into adult life. It's an educational, stressful and fun time. 

However, once left to your own devices, your inexperienced autonomy may cause your health to plummet. Poor nutrition, enclosed dorm conditions, forced heating and cooling, coupled with, academic stress, social activities, anxiety and other outside circumstances can inevitably burden the body, laying the groundwork for disease.

Some of the most popular campus ailments include, but are not limited to; upper respiratory infections, bronchitis, Influenza, stomach viruses, and conjunctivitis. Then there's Mononucleosis, taking down one out of every two hundred college students in one fell swoop.

What is Mononucleosis?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, Mononucleosis or Infectious mononucleosis, (also called “Mono,”) is a contagious disease caused by the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV.) EBV is herpetic in nature, like the herpes virus. Enlarged spleen and a swollen liver are typical symptoms of Mono. For some people, the liver or spleen or both can remain enlarged, even after fever and fatigue ends. A blood test is used to diagnose the disease.

Mono is transmitted by saliva, which is why it's commonly called the "kissing disease" but can be spread by simply sharing someone's drink. Over 3 million cases of Mononucleosis are reported each year. Symptoms generally include:

  • Brutal Fatigue
  • Fever
  • Rash
  • Swollen glands in the armpits throat and lymph nodes
  • Inflammed spleen and liver

Medical Doctors Say There's Nothing You Can Do For Mono

There isn't a whole lot recommended by way of medical treatments in relieving the symptoms of Mono, or preventing EBV from taking up residence in your body. Once diagnosed, the recommend medical advice is rest for 2-4 weeks, avoiding sports and alcohol, drinking plenty of fluids and taking over-the-counter pain meds.

This is equivalent to handing your body over to the virus and saying "Here, EBV take me."

When You Know More, You Can Do More. 

Dealing with Mono and it's evil twin EBV can be done naturally and effectively once you know what you're dealing with. It is a little known fact to the medical community that EBV has four stages, according to Anthony William, Medical Medium:

  • Stage 1  - is the dormant period. EBV is in your bloodstream getting ready to strike.
  • Stage 2 - Mono is present. Symptoms appear and the virus seeks a permanent home in one or more of your organs.
  • Stage 3 - EBV nestles itself in the liver or spleen and/or other organs where it strengthens to make its next move.
  • Stage 4 - EBV gets into and inflames the central nervous system wrecking havoc on your body.

Getting a diagnosis of Mono puts you in Stage II of the disease. EBV has spent a few weeks in your bloodstream waiting to strike. Essentially, your body is now at war with EBV, fighting hard not to let the virus make your body its home. You are symptomatic. The more vital you are, the more severe your symptoms may be. Sadly, the nature of EBV is so insidious and unrelenting, that your weakened body will lose its fight unless something is done to prevent it. This is where the antivirals come in. You can make a heroic attempt to take down EBV's viral load before it sets up camp. 

Offense Is the Best Defense

Now that you know what the Epstein Barr virus has planned for you, its time to strike back. You must take an active role in heading EBV off at the pass. Stage II is the time to strike back. This may be your only opportunity to cut off the Epstein Barr Virus before it has the opportunity to multiply. Thankfully, this can be done easily and effectively and you can heal, but you'll need to follow some rules and adjust some daily habits.

Rule No. 1: Do not feed Epstein Barr

Viruses cannot feed and reproduce by themselves; instead, they need a host to accomplish this. The Epstein Barr Virus sustains itself by feeding off of foods you eat. It also feeds on heavy metals in the bloodstream and in the tissues and it feeds of adrenaline caused by stress. In order to stop feeding Epstein Barr Virus, it is essential to adopt a diet that is void of dairy, wheat, corn, and soy. These feed EBV the food it needs to thrive. I write more about natural eating in my book EAT! - Empower. Adjust. Triumph Lose Ridiculous Weight.

Rule No. 2: Drink liquids With A Purpose

Some believe they can flush EBV out of the body if they drink enough water. This is simply not true. What you're flushing out of the body instead are body salts and other trace minerals that you need to remain healthy. Drinking liquids with a purpose means nourishing yourself with fresh organic juices and herbal teas as much as possible during this time. Both juices and teas are highly beneficial to healing. Fresh citrus juices, fresh lemon tea and ginger tea are particularly health promoting, cleansing and anti-inflammatory. If you must have water be sure it is pure then liven it up with a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime.

Rule No. 3: Take down Epstein Barr's Viral Load

When you are presented with a viral condition as insidious as EPV, the only affective measure to take should be antiviral. There are plants and wild foods provided by nature that have antiviral properties strong enough to knock down EPV's viral load efficiently and effectively. These plant and wild foods taken in combination, work really well to halt EBV from highjacking your cells. 

  1. Raw organic honey is an amazing source of phytonutrients. It has antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiviral, antiseptic, anti-aging and anticancer properties that help to stop EBV from making a home in your body. Honey can be eaten raw by the tablespoon, or could be added to warm water with a squeeze of lemon to get a maximum healing benefit. 
  2. Vitamin C is vital to take during the Mono phase of EBV, and beyond. Vitamin C is highly anti-inflammatory and encourages healing. Vitamin C is especially healing if the source of it is fresh (preferably organic) juices from wild berries, grapes, oranges or grapefruit juices. If fresh juices are not available, Vitamin C can be supplemented. Both Ester C or Liposomal Vitamin C are the most bioavailable.
  3. L-lysine is an amino acid that is major disruptor of EBV. L-lysine impairs the ability of the virus' cells to move and reproduce, stopping EBV in its tracks.
  4. Spirulina is a blue green algae with major nutrition and health benefits! Spirulina is one of nature's most effective super-foods/multi-vitamins. It's a complete source of vitamins and minerals can jack up your immune system enough to help fight off EBV and Mono symptoms quickly and efficiently. When taken with Barley Grass Juice Extract, Spirulina also helps to remove heavy metals from the body.
  5. Elderberry Syrup is a phenomenally effective booster of the immune system. Elderberries grow wild. The syrup is antiviral, antibacterial and anticancer due to it's raw honey content. Incidentally elderberry in itself is an excellent source of Vitamin B 17, as well as other important antioxidants and phytonutrients. Elderberry Syrup should be taken daily during the Mono phase of EBV and beyond to improve and maintain health.
  6. Golden Seal Throat Spray with Echinacea is antibacterial and alleviates respiratory symptoms and swelling while soothing and healing the throat. Use as needed to ease throat pain.
  7. Cat's Claw is a plant who's bark is used for medicine. The name cat's claw comes from the thorns on the plant's leaves that look like the claws of a cat. Cat's Claw is a useful herb that acts as a natural steroid, bringing down inflammation of the throat, liver and/or spleen, while lowering EB's viral load.
  8. Red Clover is a herbaceous species of flowering plant from the bean family. It is cleansing to the lymphatic system, the liver and the spleen. Like L-lysine, Red Clover is also helpful in taking down EBV and stopping it dead in its tracks. 
  9. Lemon Balm is a member of the mint family. Lemon Balm is essential in ending EBV since, it too is antiviral. Lemon Balm also helps to calm digestion as well as the nervous system.
  10. Turmeric is arguably the most powerful at reversing disease. It is a highly potent anti-inflammatory root. Turmeric is equally if not more effective than ibuprofen thanks to its main ingredient curcumin, and can be taken by capsule, juiced or as a fresh tea.
  11. Monolaurin is a powerful antiviral and has been tested in clinical trials for killing the herpes virus. Monolaurin is derived from non other than the amazing the coconut and is a marvel at knocking down the load of EBV.

You Can Fight Back. You Can Heal.

Employing the above rules and having these eleven antivirals on hand when Mono strikes is the absolute best defense against allowing EBV to become your permanent house guest. These antiviral strategies can prove highly effective in stopping EBV from setting up camp in your organs and wrecking havoc on your body down the road. What's more, if you've already had a bout of Mono and show positive for having EBV, these antivirals are effective in knocking down the more advanced viral load too, however, you may need to keep antivirals in your daily routine for a longer period time. 

In the end, keeping your diet high in antiviral nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and keeping the diet low in animal protein and fat will not only help to heal your Mono/EBV in record time, but it will work in lessening and even eradicating EB's destructive viral load permanently so you can get back to college life. Amazon links have been provided for the above mentioned antivirals on our supplements page.