Proper food combining is the single best thing you can do to correct your digestive issues, gain ridiculous health and jumpstart your weight loss efforts. Why? Because combining your food properly is the greatest, most healthful and mindful approach to ending indigestion and GERD but more importantly, proper food combining helps you to better digest and absorb nutrients.

So many suffer with Acid Reflux or GERD as it's medically termed -- dealing with hiccups, burping, bloating and constipation after every meal. While none of these symptoms are fun, all of them stem from one cause -- indigestion. When there is indigestion you have to look at what you are eating; the quality of the food you are eating, and how you are eating it. This one honest step is vital to your digestive health.

Once you become "mindful" of what you're eating, you can become "belly full" as you properly combine your food for the easiest digestion and assimilation possible. What is more, proper food combining prevents additional stress on your organs -- namely, the stomach, liver, pancreas and intestinal tract, while conserving the nerve energy necessary for your body's reparative work.

The good news is, when it comes to you healing, knowledge is power. I hope this free resource helps you to become more aware of how you're eating and how to properly combining your meals.

Feel free to print out the chart below to post in your kitchen or on your refrigerator door so you can begin properly combining your food today!