Did you know your kitchen is the most revealing part about you?  Your kitchen, like the human body, is considered the guts of your living space.  It can be an oasis of health or the grim reaper of death depending on what foods you keep in it.   It's where I learn the most about what you eat, the combinations in which you eat, how many meals you eat, etc..  

What you use to cook also adds or subtracts from your health. If you're using a teflon plan toss it! Teflon pans emit toxic fumes, when they're well used and scratched stray particles enter your food and they have been linked to pancreatic, liver and mammary tumors.  Use of teflon has also been linked to high cholesterol and thyroid disease. 

Here are 10 good reasons why Cast Iron is Nancy-Approved: 

  • Sturdy and durable 
  • Inexpensive

  • Fortifies our food with dietary iron

  • Goes from the stovetop to oven with ease

  • Withstands high heat

  • Used by most chefs.

  • Perfectly and evenly dispenses heat

  • Easy to clean

  • Great for baking

  • Non-stick (when well seasoned)