Add-On: Pregnancy and Holistic Nutrition

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food combining 101 (2).png

Add-On: Pregnancy and Holistic Nutrition


I wish I had a holistic nutrition practitioner to teach me what foods to eat so that I could have an uneventfully and healthy pregnancy. Unfortunately, I had to learn my lessons the hard way.

Your nutrition is the number one priority during pregnancy. Did you know many pregnancy complications are due to overeating during pregnancy?  
Your nutrition is the number one priority during pregnancy.   Many complications are caused by the high birth weight of both mother and baby.

The good news is complications can easily be prevented and your health during pregnancy can be restored. If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, now is an exciting time to learn more about the nutritional needs of your changing body. It's also an ideal time to develop healthy habits to prepare you for breastfeeding.

Your amazing body is working in a way it's never worked before! You'll want to be sure your body is properly nourished for the miraculous job ahead.

Today, with corporations under scrutiny for what they are putting into our food everyone has their eye on pesticides, GMOs, hidden MSG, colorings, additives, and more. These ingredients compromise a healthy pregnancy. Many new Moms and Moms-to-be are especially vigilant about the ingredients in their food since the toxins in many of them can cross over into their breast milk postpartum.

We'll discuss whole foods and why they're good for you.  We'll discuss what you can eat, what you shouldn't eat and we'll find healthy alternatives for what you want to eat.  Food Combining 101 is an add-on with this guidance will involve learning how to combine your food to stop indigestion as this is a common symptom of pregnancy.  

We'll set goals for your weight gain and I'll do my best to support you nutritionally during this time.  I can work with any diet plan you're currently on or if you like, I can create a special diet plan for you.  

I am here for my pregnant Moms!  As a drugless practitioner I do not interfere with any medical advice or instructions given by your practitioner. I only coach you to nourish yourself by making healthful food choices.   Price is per visit.

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