Welcome to the Relaxing Room! I'm so happy you decided to pop in. Exhale, inhale, then read on...

Maybe you're dealing with some stress, or you have been having a hard time sleeping. Perhaps you simply need a place to unwind. Your levels of stress greatly affect your healing. This is why you need to keep stress levels low. 

Are you laughing? Good!

But seriously, those stress levels are a killer. Research shows that stress can exacerbate any illness and can effect you on a cellular level. Since many of us have little to no control over how much stress enters our lives, we can control how we cope with it.  

Easier said than done right? I hear you!

Diet has everything to do with how you cope with the stressful situations in your life. Once your diet is fine-tuned and your exercise regimen is underway, it's time to relax and do some inner work. What's in your heart? What gets you motivated?  What makes you happy?

Now, I get that the matters of the heart can be sensitive territory. But, if there is any pain you are harboring toward another, or if there's a situation you can't let go of, understand we are here for you.

While letting go past hurts is easier said than done, we at Gain Ridiculous Health are here to help you get over the hurdle of taking care of you -- the whole you, but you need to do the work of deciding to heal and move forward.

So what do you say? Do you want to team up together to bring your best you forward? Exhale, inhale, and consider it done. 

Thanks for visiting The Relaxing Room!